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Oct 24, 2013 08:15 AM

DQ Grill and Chill (aka Dairy Queen) has anybody been recently for the "grill" part and not the "chill" part?

I have a DQ Grill and Chill practically right next to my house. I had never given it much thought, other than a place to get ice cream (which I rarely do), but it occurred to me yesterday that it might not be too bad for food. I say this as compared to McDonalds, or other fast food places. We all know it's not gourmet eats. So how does the food compare, for anyone that's had it recently? I was especially excited to see they have chicken tenders, with what appears to be real all white meat chicken. McDonalds recently got rid of their chicken tenders (sad face).

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  1. I give it a "meh". It's fast food - no better or worse than most. It's a better burger than McDonalds or Wendy's, but nothing to get excited about. I haven't tried the chicken tenders, so I can't comment on that. Also DQ's tend to vary wildly by location - we don't have any "good" ones here. I went to one once that served full breakfast - eggs made to order, pancakes, grits, etc. It was crazy. I hope you have a nice one near you.

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      The one by my house appears "nice," but we'll see if that translates to the food, too. I'll give it a try, probably first with the chicken tenders and then maybe a chili cheese dog. As it is, I don't hate McDonald's or Wendy's on occasion, so if it's even a little better than either of those, it will have lived up to my best possible expectations.

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        Gotta love a gal who embraces a chili cheese dog!

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          Haha! Don't take this the wrong way, but I swear half the time I post on here I feel like I must sound like the most uncultured person ever!

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            To me there is nothing sexier than a woman all done up, evening gown, high heels, sheer stockings and as many jewels as she can wear. Sipping champagne, laughing and enjoying all the finer things in life.

            But in order for me to be as truly attracted to her above, she has to be equally comfortable in one of my dress shirts and sweats with little to no makeup with a baseball cap on backwards, enjoying a chili cheese dog while watching a game with me.

            Life as they say is what transpires between these two moments.

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              Thanks! That's always been my real life experience, as well.

    2. I do think it varies by location a little bit. Both of my stepdaughters worked at the DQ in their little town and the chicken tenders and GrillBurgers were actually decent. Freshly made, hot, decent quality - much better than MdD's in my opinion. Plus, you can have a raspberry malt with your dinner!

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        They have a $5 lunch combos that come with a meal and a sundae. I looked up their menu today on their website.