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Oct 24, 2013 08:11 AM

54th Street & Madison - Any recomandation for restaurants?

I need a good restaurant for dinner in this neighborhood. Can be an Asian food (every country). But also "new american" etc. would be good. No greek/italian/french.
Price range around $100-150 a person.

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  1. When? And how many people?

    Does the $150pp include tax, tip, and wine/drinks? Can you give a figure for just food?

    1. Ma peche
      Tao if you want something more trendy

      1. Walk a couple blocks and you have Betony, fantastic food and space.

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        1. Sugiyama (kaiseki) is one of my favorite places in NYC.
          It's 5 blocks away on 55th between 7th and 8th.

          I usually go for the 8 course "Chef Nao's Choices" modern kaiseki ($136 per person) but if your budget needs to include tax/tip/drinks they have other options I have not tried; I'm sure all are excellent. (6 course Chef Nao's choices ($98), 8 course 'modern kaiseki' ($79) and other less expensive ones as well.

          1. Aquavit would be my top choice
            Caviar Russe
            Vitae (Cheapest of the four)
            The Modern - Bar Room