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Oct 24, 2013 07:18 AM

Lunch with Good Beer before Providence Bruins w/ kids

We are coming down from Boston for the Providence Bruins game and looking for a great place to have lunch before the 3pm game. Our kids can do pretty much anything, but husband needs a great beer selection. It doesn't need to be super close to where the B's play, we will happily park twice or walk far for good food and beer. Last time in Providnce we checked out Julians and liked it, sadly they aren't open all day and I don't their hours will work for us...

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  1. How about stopping at Doherty's in Pawtucket on the way down? Great beer selection, family friendly, and very close to route 95.

    1. Walkable distance from the Bruins arena.

      Decent beer and kid friendly food options.

      1. Murphy's on Fountain St;
        just down from Trinity Brewhouse and 1 block from the Civic Center. We stop there almost everytime we go to the game and there are plenty of kids there.