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Oct 24, 2013 06:37 AM

Best Place for Pizza in New Haven for Group of 8 Including Kids

Hi, We are two families, including children, who will be meeting in New Haven for lunch on Saturday. Which restaurant offers the best pizza and has a nice, appealing and comfortable atmosphere where we can relax and take our time. Easy parking near the restaurant would be a definite plus.


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  1. The obvious answers are Pepe's or Modern. Both have parking adjacent, but Modern has tables they will put together to accommodate larger groups whereas Pepe's has only one large table and if it's occupied, you may have a long wait.

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    1. re: Scargoe

      Forget about Pepe's.
      The OP specifically said they want to relax and take their time.....Pepe's does not encourage using the place to visit and catch up with old friends.

      I can't recommend Modern. Not the ambience, but can't stand the pizza.

      For a Saturday Lunch with kids I would recommend Ernie's on Whalley Ave near Davis Street or Zuppardi's in West Haven

      1. re: bagelman01

        I've been to Pepe"s many times with out of town relatives & friends. Never felt pressured to eat & go. Agree that Modern is meh. Zuppardi's is a good choice as well.

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          as Pepe's only has one large table they won't look kindly on a group of 8 lingering

    2. I know Yorkside never makes any lists, but lunch time is not usually busy and I think they'd be fine with lingering. My kids (a Yalie and a HS kid) actually prefer Yorkside's style pizza. I prefer Pepe's, but I defer to them when deciding where to go.

      1. Thanks again for your replies! We've decided to go to the Peabody museum either before or after lunch so close proximity to the museum would be nice. Modern or Yorkside appear to be the closest when I map the locations, so we may go with one of them. It would be nice to be able to park and walk from the restaurant to the museum.Thanks a lot for responding!

        1. BruRM @ BAR is definitely a great option. MANY large tables and there's a pool table and TV for the kids as well. And in house made beer for those interested as well.

          And their pizza easily ranks among the other NH behemoths.

          1. Not much in walking distance to the Peabody. Further up the Whitney Ave in Hamden you have Olde World, but it is more of a takeout, Likewise for Eli's if the weather is nice there are pretty areas on the Peabody grounds.
            I am not a fan of Modern, they seem to burn most pies

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              We had lunch at Cafe Romeo a couple of months ago. While not a pizza place per se, they do have pizza and it was pretty good. It's rather close to the Peabody.