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Oct 24, 2013 05:20 AM

Best noodle soups in Union Square area?

With the weather turning chilly, thoughts turn to noodle soups for a work lunch - hot, flavorful broths, chewy, springy noodles, the whole schmear. Unfortunately, I work in Union Square, not Chinatown.

What are the best noodIe soups within a 5-10 minute walking radius of the square? I know Republic has them, but the dry noodle dishes I've had there were mediocre - are any of the soups any better? How are the noodle soups at Laut - any particular recommendations? Any other candidates in the neighborhood?

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  1. Terakawa #18 Lex 22nd/23rd
    Def best ramen in the 'hood.

    1. The spicy beef noodle soup at Republican saved me from death due to a brutal "day after late night of drinking" so it will always have a place in my heart...

        1. Vanessa's dumplings has a dumpling and noodle soup-the broth is nothing special but for like $6 its a lot of dumplings and noodles