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Oct 23, 2013 11:11 PM

Vegetarian:tofu Chinese?

Yuan vegetarian (I think that the name) is a place in montreal where everything is non-meat, and mock meat "chicken" "shrimp" but no really. Is there something similar and good in Toronto area?

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  1. cafe 668 on dundas west

    1. Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen on the Danforth does great Thai with plenty of mock meat. There is also Simon's Wok, I believe, on Gerrard east, but I've never been.

      1. For downtown Toronto, I would suggest King's Cafe near Kensigton Market. My personal favourite in GTA West is the Zen Gardens in Mississauga and another option is the Lotus Tea House in the Buddhist temple in Mississauga as well.

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          king's cafe was better before the renovations and downsizing of their menu.. but their mock meat stuff is pretty good, though the dishes themselves are hit or miss. they also sell frozen mock meat in a store within the restaurant that you can take home. veg ham, veg chicken, veg mutton, veg fish, etc.

        2. I am not particularly knowledgeable about this, as I'm not a vegetarian and I don't generally care for fake meat, so take this recommendation with a whole shaker of salt, but there is a Chinese vegetarian place in Markham called Graceful Vegetarian that I've been to a few times. They do vegetarian dim sum and also have a vegetarian dinner menu. The food has generally seemed pretty good to me, but mostly I remember going for a friend's birthday when she had ordered a set menu for us and one of the dishes was a vegetarian version of peking duck with pancakes using crispy tofu in place of the duck and it was amazingly good. I don't know if the rest of the fake meat dishes there are that great, but that one dish, I still remember fondly.

          1. There are quite a few in the Richmond Hill/Markham areas.

            First one is on West Beaver Creek, same plaza as Akasaka and CIBC. Been there for ages and pretty busy so food must be acceptable to survive that long! ( never had sit down meal there, only do vegetarian dim sum take outs. Taro croquettes are awesome )

            The other one is on west side of Leslie north of 16th Avenue, across from Richlane Mall (see photo) Been there a couple of times. Pretty decent food. They even have pretty authentic looking imitation roasted meats and sushi, using gluten, soya and veggie ingredients! (see photos).

            Last one is a spanking new one on east side of Woodbine, south of Hwy#7 next to 'Eastside' GM/Chevy Dealer. Heard pretty good things about it but haven't tried since I still prefer spending money on real meat and seafood instead! Ha!!