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Oct 23, 2013 09:49 PM

Detente Cocktail

Made this one as a spinoff of the delegation cocktail by Carl Wenger on Gaz Regans 2013 top 101 cocktails. Basic idea was to do s Autumnal cocktail and future Armagnac which is a great underused brandy. Try it and enjoy on a crisp fall evening. The name evokes delegation and the current need in USA politics for Detente as well as the three different European county ingredients here. Basic formula is 2-1-1 of Best brandy you can afford to use in cocktails + fruit focused spirit of great quality + dark Amaro so variations abound!

1.5 oz Delord Bas Napolean Armagnac
.75 Plymouth Sloe Gin
.75 oz Averna Amaro

Chill a coupe with ice. Add all three above to a mixing glass. Prepare garnish of three cocktail cherries on a toothpick. Must be three to mimic the three countries here! Add ice from coupe to mixing group and stir for 45 sec. Strain into coupe and add cherries. Et voila!

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  1. I recast this as 4:1:1 so that the overall spirit:sweet was 2:1, which is about the most I can take. I used cognac and enjoyed it. I also made a bourbon/Campari/Sloe Gin version which I liked too.

    I've had trouble mixing sloe gin, so it was nice to try these. Thank you.

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