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Oct 23, 2013 08:53 PM

Best inexpensive seafood in Seattle? (accessible on a Saturday night without a reservation way in advance....)...)

I am there for the weekend, and it looks like only Sat. night may be free. A Midwest friend has asked me to help him find good seafood. I don't know about him, but I'm on a budget, and I don't want to suggest an expensive place and then get stuck with half the bill. We'll be downtown, near the Convention Center. I won't have a car but certainly would be willing to take public transit. Ideas?

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  1. Pike Street Fish Fry is directly up the hill along Pike.
    Madison Market might add a few bites nearby

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      Melrose Market is what I meant, but Mad may have a few goodies.

    2. Sea Garden for any of the live seafood from the tanks, or Taylor Shellfish at Melrose Market.

      1. Wanting a Saturday night downtown makes this really hard. Good seafood is not inexpensive, downtown is not inexpensive, Saturday dinner is not inexpensive. Taylor Shellfish at Melrose Market is also what I'd pick, though it's a seafood shop that serves some food (oysters, crab, soup) rather than a restaurant with a larger menu. Pike Place Chowder and Market Grill have good casual seafood options but I don't think either are open for dinner (maybe until 6 or so)? You might look at the Steelhead Diner menu and see if those prices look reasonable to you.

        Is there any way to juggle your schedule so that you can do a happy hour on Friday or Sunday? (Most places don't do HH on Saturday). Most of these have not just oysters but other seafood choices, and it's the best prices you'll find:

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          Actually Friday is impossible due to meeting schedule, and Sunday evening I'll be back in Reno. Quick trip. Actually Taylor Shellfish looks great!! Just what I wanted; thanks!