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Oct 23, 2013 08:27 PM

Da Hawaiian Kitchen in HB- Excellent!

Good stuff. Have probably driven by this place to and from work for the last 3 years. Just noticed it several months ago.

Got the laulau, kaluha pork, and Portuguese sausage musubi.

Laulau was outstanding. Delicious large chunks of fatty pork. Made without salted butterfish.

Kaluha pork was smoky, tender, and salty.

Portuguese sausage musubi was dangerously good. It's not on the menu but was offered to me when I asked what was the difference between the luncheon musubi and the regular musubi.

No soup or noodle dishes.

Very much recommended for the laulau and Portuguese sausage musubi.

Da Hawaiian Kitchen
9842 Adams Ave
Ste 104
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

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  1. Laulau looks awesome. Good find!

    1. Very cool, will stop by. Link to their menu:

      Anyone used to go to the old Beach Hut in Manhattan Beach? The little shack on the East side of Highland Ave. serving hawaiian breakfast? Apparently they moved across the street but it looks like it might have closed. Ronnie who used to own and run the place was awesome! Anyone know if it's still around?