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Oct 23, 2013 07:35 PM

Mila not sleepy anymore

Had a quick meal at the Mila bar last night. Seems the Saenger Theater has brought them plenty of new business. They were on a 45minute wait at 6:30. The food was good (steak for wife and scallops for me), nothing spectacular, but good. The fancy cocktails take a long time to make and I can see that being a problem on a busy night. The manager on duty was very attentive, helping the bartenders push through the rush.

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  1. We find their apps to be pretty spectacular. Have made a meal of them several times.

    1. I had a drink at the bar several weeks ago before meeting dinner companions. I got an excellant, best ever, Negroni

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        Good to know, Collardman, since the Negroni is my current favorite drink! Is there a bar inside the restaurant, or just the one out in the hotel lobby from where Chris McMillan used to hail.

        1. re: ClevelandRandy

          This was at the restaurant bar not Bar Uncommon. Before this one, the best was this past summer at the Polo Lounge in the Windsor Court.

          Every few weeks I'll make one at home and I have trouble getting the balance right.

          1. re: collardman

            At the risk of teaching my grandmother to suck eggs: watch out for the freshness (and quality) of the vermouth. Any bottle that's been open for more than a couple of days should be tossed (or mixed with bourbon and consumed immediately...). I stick with Dolin and think it makes a difference but M&R is usually acceptable (and sold in small bottles, which is nice).

            I place great stock (not Stock as in the vermouth ... never that!) in a quality Negroni. In my book it's a third, a third, a third with Plymouth [*] and quality ice and an orange (!) twist. The last time I was at Locke-Ober the barman included orange juice: I attribute their closing to that sillyass move.

            The words "let me make you my twist on a Negroni" are enough to force me to leave the party.

            [*] Or Beefeater if I need the bottle to fit in a travel case:

            1. re: montuori

              Very interesting comments, Montouri! I never realized that vermouth gets old, especially that quickly. That could explain why the ones we make at home never taste right. Although I agree with sticking to the classics, I had a "Polar Negroni" at Dante's Kitchen a few years back that was excellent (and if you google that, you'll see a picture of it I posted on Trip Advisor). It used lillet blanc (in place of vermouth) and Aperol (in place of Campari) plus Bombay gin.

              1. re: ClevelandRandy

                To be sure, if you order a "Polar Negroni" and get a Polar Negroni, that's cool ... it's when I order a Negroni and get something vaguely reddish (and once not with gin at all!) that I get all uppity. Since we're on the topic of Negroni variations, give the little bitter bastard a try sometime: equal parts Campari, Gin, and Luxardo Amaro Abano.

                Regarding the vermouth: you can sometimes eke a little more life out of it if you keep it in the icebox and use a vacuum pump/top to suck some of the air out. Glad to pass along that tidbit -- it changed my drinking when it was pointed out to me that any wine based spirit is, just like wine, going to oxidize and develop weird flavors. I mean, I knew you had to finish a bottle of gin once you opened it but I thought vermouth had an indefinite shelf life.

              2. re: montuori

                The horror of your Locke-Ober experience almost makes me glad the Old Gal is dead. Maybe the orange juice was a desperate effort to make it a "happenin' cocktail place?"

                I don't know if I will be able to visit the old room with the New Place in it. Might be too emotional...

                1. re: hazelhurst

                  There is no better repartee on Chowhound than on the New Orleans board! I'm so happy to be coming back next weekend!