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Oct 23, 2013 07:27 PM

Special Lunch in Wilmington DE

Does anyone have reccomendations for a a great lunch in Wilmington?
We are celebrating my father's 90th birthday with about 10 family members.

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  1. For elegant old school dining, the Green Room at the Hotel DuPont is nice.

    1. I'd agree on the Green Room for elegance Or, depending on the tastes of the group, Harry's Seafood along the river is nice, although a bit chilly now for outside dining

        1. Plenty of threads on Wilmington restaurants can be found in the Mid-Atlantic forum, where Delaware is discussed. If, after doing a search, you have more specific questions, please ask!

          1. Krazy Kat's has a side room that is really nice for a party of that size. Very nice menu and space.

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              Thanks for the suggestion, I didn't know they had a separate room!