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Oct 23, 2013 06:41 PM

Chia Pita Pocket Bread Recipe

We fell in love with a squared off Pita Pocket chia bread that Costco was selling. It looked like a regular round pita, except square, with a perforation across the middle so you could tear it easily, to make 2 rectangular open pockets. It fit nicely in the toaster and puffed open. Great for sandwiches. It had a little chew to it, very tasty. They used part whole wheat flour, but also added chia to it, probably ground chia, and I think the chia may have given it some extra moisture and chew. Unfortunately, they're no longer selling it. Does anyone know if Costco was private labelling someone else's chia pita pocket bread, or do you have ideas for a recipe for this? I have used chia in gluten free baking, when I grind and soak it, mostly to bake for folks who can't have egg, because it adds some extra viscosity to the dough. But I'd like to try to recreate this bread, both with wheat and gluten free. It has a nutty, robust texture, and likely part oat flour would work well. I think the "baking" part could be quite simple, either rounds baked in the oven, or else dry-fried on a griddle, like you would make chappattis, paratha, or tortillas, which then can puff up while you're frying them. But I'd love some feedback if others have ideas about this. Thanks!

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  1. I love this bread & was so disheartened to find out they weren't going to carry it any more. I actually told the employee I felt like punching him! He said that the factory that made them either couldn't keep up with demand or they haded a break down in price negotiation. I didn't think to ask for the factory name darn it. Please let us know if you find out anything.