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Short Paris Report: Le Dogon, Cafe des Musees, Plan B et al

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I was deleting old phone photos and realized I had some pix of meals about which I hadn't posted. All Paris 2013.

Le Dogon
I've had many, many north African dinners in Paris but nothing south of Morocco/Tunisia. To break the trend, we went to Le Dogon for Senegalese and I loved it. We had an avocado stuffed with shrimp; Dakar-style white fish with rice in a slightly tart, sticky red sauce; and Maffee with chicken in a peanut sauce. One of my culinary delights on the trip was the chili sauce on the table here.

Cafe des Musees
One night I voiced a preference for a specific type of french fry: very thick, big fries, strong potato flavor. This took some thinking, but he settled on Cafe des Musees and its old-fashioned yet entirely satisfying entrecote a la plancha with house-cooked (not frozen/packaged) fries, mustard, and Bordelaise, was fantastic. It's exactly the type of food I wanted for a special dinner when I was 12 years old and, apparently, now.

Plan B
Another day, another whim: lemon meringue pie. He found one at Plan B, and it was fantastic--great crumble to the crust, nice bright tartness to the lemon interior. We fought over the last bite.

Other items of note: really wonderful warm service at Le Barav, I had a surprisingly excellent and very expensive (even by expensive/excellent San Francisco cocktail snob standards) cocktail at Candelaria, people-watching at Le Progres is a worthwhile afternoon break, and I was happy to check in again with old favorites Loustic for excellent coffee and Happy Nouilles for lamb with hand-pulled noodles.

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  1. Thank you for reporting back. Good tips.
    "people-watching at Le Progres"
    Could you speicify which "Le Progrès"? It is a common anme for caré-bars in France.
    People-watching… Two people-watching Progrès leap to mind: one in the one in Montmartre-Abbesses area, on rue des 3 Frères. The other on rue de Bretagne.

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      Oh sorry! Yes, that's the case. The one I'm referring to us on Bretagne (and other than Dogon, the rest are all in the Marais area, I think).