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Oct 23, 2013 05:30 PM

apple cider donuts

Got three small ones for two dollars at Tabora in Lansdale today. Very tasty. Where else are hounds getting their cider donut fix?

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  1. drove all the way up to Highland orchards in chester county to get them. amazing!

    1. Good not great.. but I will go to Styers Orchards every Sunday in the fall to get the doughnuts warm out of the oven...

      1. I love the cider donuts at Solebury Orchards (though I will admit to not seeing a lot of difference between places, as long as the donuts are fresh).

        On a different donut note--I finally had a chance to try Bieler's Donuts in the RTM recently. I particularly liked the pumkin donut, though everything I tried was good.

        1. Merrymead should have theirs in on weekends. I'll call up tomorrow.

          1. I haven't been there this year, but Northbrook Marketplace (formerly Northbrook Orchards) located between West Chester and Kennett Square makes them fresh all day long.