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Oct 23, 2013 04:55 PM

Kosher in Los Angeles Area

I will be in the LA area for winter break. Does anyone have any suggestions. Also, I will be staying in Burbank so anything near there would be greatly appreciated. Also completely unrelated to food, does the chabbad of Burbank have a regular Shabbat minyan.

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  1. Lots of kosher options in LA, though most of them are in the Pico-Robertson area, near West LA. Since you wil be in Burbank, you are closer to Valley Village and many, many kosher options.

    Can you please give us more specifics about yourself? Are yiu traveling with kids? How old? Is this a business trip where you need a business type restaurant or do you prefer casual?

    Happy to help if I can...

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    1. re: Miri1

      We will also be in LA this winter. We are traveling with our teen age son who enjoys good food, as do we. We would appreciate info on good restaurants in Burbank, Valley Village and Pico area, as well as San Diego. We would also appreciate info about Shabbos food and davening. We are not sure where we are staying. We also considering hotels in Beverly Hills and Burbank. TIA.

      1. re: kosherfoodie1226

        I was in LA this summer, and last winter. We really enjoyed Pats (on Pico). It's an upscale meat place, but not crazy expensive. You definitely need a reservation.

        We also drove to Santa Barbara for the day, and had an early ish dinner at Tierra Sur. definitely worth the drive, especially if your son will appreciate the food.

        Fr Shabbat food, we got takeout from one of the places on Pico and ate it in our hotel

        1. re: cheesecake17

          I looked at Got Kosher's menu, thanks, twinkleman. cheesecake17, who did you get from for Shabbos? What did you think of it? Does anyone do pay ahead eat in restaurants meals for Shabbos, similar to Miami Beach? Thanks.

          1. re: kosherfoodie1226

            I believe we got food from Pico Glatt Mart. Very reasonable takeout selection. Schnitzel for husband, grilled chicken for me, hummus, salad, challah. They also had kugel, rice, vegetables.
            We bought grape juice and packaged turkey & rolls for Shabbat lunch.

            Never did any of the prepaid meals, and I'm not even sure they're offered or where. We stayed on the club level of our hotel so we had access to the lounge. We had drinks from there, and they set up paper plates for us.

        2. re: kosherfoodie1226

          In the Pico/Robertson area for a teenager - definitely hit Jeff's Kosher Gourmet Sausage - - excellent hot dogs

        3. re: Miri1

          I will be traveling with kids, but dinner will be by ourselves. I do not need a very upsscale olace, but some more casual some a bit more upscale. Also, I would need someplace where I can get take out for Shabbat.

        4. Yes, I am more familiar with Pico-Robertson restaurants too -- that is ground zero for Kosher food in LA. Real Food Daily is a Kosher vegan restaurant -- very California. It has a branch in Pasadena, which is not too far from Burbank. I would confirm that the Pasadena branch, like the other two branches, has a heksher.

          In Pico Robertson, I am most fond of Mexikosher, which has surprisingly good Mexican food, and Jeff's Gourmet Sausages. Neither one is fancy.

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          1. re: lwinkelman

            I can't really comment on LA hotels because I live in LA, but the Residence Inn on Pico near Beverly Drive is nice. And very central to tourism, as well as the Jewish community,

            Foodwise, LA has just about everything. I'll list places I'm familiar with becausr I dob't eat out that often.

            In the Beverly-Fairfax area, you will find only a few Maven on La Brea has good pizza but atmosphere leaves much to be desired. Pizza World on Fairfax has good food, both pizza and some good dairy Mexican. Not much in the decor department, but if you are going to CBS or Hollywood, a good choice.

            There are also 2 sushi places in the neighborhood, one on Melrose ave and one on La Brea. Their names escape me. Also on Melrose is PitaWay. Great falafel, schwarma etc.

            On Beverly Blvd you will find Fish Grill (YUM!!!), Elite Cuisine kosher deli and Beverly Cafe Elite whish is a dairy breakfast/ lunch cafe. Not fancy but food is pretty good. Kosher bakery next door, as well ( corner of Beverly blvd and Detroit st).

            Kosher markets are La Brea Kosher on La Brea, Ariel, on Beverly and La Brea, and Western Ksher on Fairfax. Schwartz kosher bakery and cafe (meat) and Elat Bakery on Fairfax as well.

            On Puco, Nagila Pizza is cafeteria style with lots of good salads and pizza. My favorite pizza shop in LA.nagila Meating Place right next door. Bodhi Vegan has a lot of Thai inspired food but other things as well. Kosher Vegan at its best. Also for (meat) Thai there is Beverly Hills Thai on San Vicente. I like their coconut milk with lime soup.

            The Milky Way is dairy, famous because its owner is Leah Adler, Steven Spielberg's mother. Upscale dairy. I like her blintzes. Also dairy, Milk and Honey. They have a really good Sunday buffet brunch.

            Elite Bakery and cafe has nice dairy, too. Sort of a French cafe with sandwiches, pasta, fish, omelettes. Schwartz bakery and cafe is dairy (their Fairfax location is meat) is good, too.

            Haifa is an Israeli grill. I love their grilled salmon with garlic sauce. My friend raves about their chicken.

            There's a Fish Grill on Pico with nice outdoor seating if te weather is good, as well as their other locations in Brentwood near SantavMonica and one in Malbu right on Pacific Coast Highway.

            Jeff's Gourmet Sausages is very popular, and right next door is Bibi's Bakery cafe for dairy, Israeli, salads, toasted sandwiches and pizza. I eat there a lot. Love the Greek salad and tuna melts.

            I'm a fan of Shalom Pizza which is next door to Haifa. Its not an extensive menu but he has very good pizza and is usually not as crowded as Nagila on Saturday night because he seems to do a booming takeout biz.

            Pico is peppered with a lot more kosher places but I've listed the ones I go to. Lots of kosher markets, too. Plenty of places for akeout, too.

            Oh, forgot Pico Kosher Deli! Its practically a legend! They do a lot of Shabbos takeout, as well.

            Hope this helps!

            1. re: Miri1

              Thanks very much. Who do you recommend for Shabbos takeout?

              1. re: kosherfoodie1226

                It's pricey, but I love the food from Got Kosher in Pico/Robertson. They feature LA's signature Pretzel Challah.

                1. re: lwinkelman

                  Schwartz (branches on Pico and on Fairfax) also does Pretzel Challah for Shabbos, and I find it to be much better than Got Kosher's. Mexikosher is very good (it's real Mexican and then some gourmet extra stuff, and not the usual TexMex garbage usually served in kosher "Mexican" places), Jeff's Sausages is excellent too. Pico Kosher Deli is very disappointing. There are a couple of kosher steakhouses around that are good.

                  There's a great and inexpensive Persian place - Kabab Mahaleh - where you can feast on a constant stream of freshly-baked Sangak (a type of Persian bread) coming out of the oven.

                  Haifa is OK and there's a hole in the wall place on Melrose with good falafel, but the standard of Israeli food in LA seems to have declined significantly since the days of Magic Carpet, Grill Express, Shula & Esther's and Golan (in its original location and before they started with the Chinese food). Maybe there are some other better places. If anyone knows of any other great Israeli places I'd love to know for my next visit.

              2. re: Miri1

                Thank u very much, very helpful

              3. re: lwinkelman

                yes, a friend of mine who has family in CA and goes there very often told me that he likes Mexikosher very much.

              4. It seems Chabad of Burbank has a Shabbat minyan and a Kiddush lunch. Here's the link to their website.


                They also have a page to make Shabbat dinner reservations.

                For kosher pizza and Italian in the Valley, I recommend Jerusalem Pizza. In the city, I go to Pizza World or Nagila.

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                1. re: Kate is always hungry

                  I looked up Jerusalem Pizza. Are you talking about a place in Encino? How far is that from Burbank. I may be staying at a Residence Inn on first st in downtown Burbank. TIA.

                  1. re: kosherfoodie1226

                    Jerusalem Pizza is in Encino, 30 min. without traffic. Pacific Kosher Pizza in North Hollywood/Valley Village is much closer to Burbank and I prefer it to Jerusalem. In general I think the Valley has better pizza than the city so no need to drive in for that. My preferences are Pacific and Pizza Nosh as #1/ #2, then Jerusalem #3. Pacific and Pizza Nosh are pretty different styles so the #1/#2 could go either way. Pizza Nosh is at the far tip of the Valley so its a good choice if you're heading towards santa barbara or beyond and want something more casual than Tierra Sur.

                    1. re: elmoz

                      I haven't tried Pacific Kosher Pizza but I've been meaning to. Thanks for the heads up! It is significantly closer to Burbank so that's good for the OP.

                      Gut Shabbes! :)

                      1. re: elmoz

                        In what way do the styles of Pacific and Pizza Nosh differ? Which is closer to Burbank? Will one be less crazy than the other on Saturday night? Is one closer to a movie theatre than the other? Thanks.

                        1. re: kosherfoodie1226

                          Pacific has a nice crunchy bottom which I associated with traditional pizza (although I definitely wouldn't call it New York style). Pizza Nosh does sauce/cheese/dough/toppings (especially toppings) really well, but lacks that crunch. Pacific is much closer to Burbank, shouldn't be crazy on a Saturday night. Pizza Nosh is pretty far out of the way, it may not even be open on Saturday night. Finding a nearby theatre shouldn't be a problem for either.

                    2. re: Kate is always hungry

                      Is it a regular minyan ( does it happen every week) so I don't get stuck without a minyan on Shabbat

                      1. re: yzd323

                        I'll find out for sure. I go to Chabad Sherman Oaks and there is a Shabbat minyan every Friday Mincha Maariv and Saturday Shacharit Musaf.

                        Gut Shabbes! :)

                    3. These are some places that I found near Burbank: Golan Restaurant, Eilat Grill, ScnitzBurGer, Bocca Steakhouse,
                      Orange Delite, Sandwich Bar 26
                      Can anyone tell me the quality of these. Also, I am worried how much food you get for the cheap price at ShnitzBurGer. Also how close are these to downtown Burbank.

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                      1. re: yzd323

                        Only one I've been to in the last few years was Golan and I was pleased. Quality and quantity were both good.

                      2. We were visiting LA last weekend and went to Milk & Honey's Sunday brunch. (We usually end up there if we are in LA on a Sunday.) They warned us they were having a party and we probably should have listened. No omelettes made to order, beverage orders mixed up, buffet not refilled quickly and we were charged $6 for the bottle of water on our table that we drank because the waitress didn't refill our water glasses often enough. I mean they COULD have told us it was extra.

                        Brunch was something like $24 per person. We still enjoyed it, but the water thing was annoying.

                        Sat night was Pizza World, our favorite pizza ANYWHERE, though we ordered nachos, chimichangas and fish tacos. Huge portions.

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                        1. re: SoCal Mother

                          Thanks for advice about Pizza World,where is it? What does Milk and Honey generally serve for their brunch?

                          1. re: kosherfoodie1226

                            Pizza World is on Fairfax across the street from Whole Foods which has a large parking lot for their customers. So go in and buy some candied ginger...

                            (Parking is very VERY difficult in LA and the signs are completely unintelligible to non-Angelinos like me.)

                            Sort of near the Farmer's Market.

                            It was quite busy Saturday night and that was before daylight savings ended! I love their pizza, eggplant yummies, chimichangas, fajitas (made with seitan,) and their house salad. We've been eating there since they were Kosher Nostra, and we don't live in LA.

                            Milk and Honey is on Pico in the midst of dozens of other restaurants. I have only ever been there for Sunday brunch, but it's our favorite place when we want to meet up with friends.

                            Salads, those fat puffy waffles, French toast, eggplant parmesan, vegetable soup, eggs, teriyaki salmon, tempura (which I dislike but my guest, who has more sophisticated taste than I, especially liked,) a few cakes (one was cheesecake,) coffee, tea, cappuchino, mimosas, that green Persian rice and other things that I either forgot or didn't try. They usually have omelets made to order except this past weekend.

                            As annoyed as I am about the water, I will go back any time I am in LA on a Sunday morning.

                            Note: The young gentlemen we took out on Saturday night would have preferred Jeff's or Shnitzley's, but I couldn't see eating meat on a Saturday night.

                            1. re: SoCal Mother

                              You mentioned the parking problem in LA, is it feasible to take the metro most days (we will be staying in Burbank)

                              1. re: yzd323

                                There is no decent public transit in Burbank. You'll need a car to get out of Burbank, and to get to most places in LA for that matter.

                                1. re: avitrek

                                  I know that there is a bus and a metrolink train out of Burbank, but is it worth it to take public transportation once in LA

                                  1. re: yzd323

                                    Depends where you're going. Personally, when visiting LA I have found public transport to be a useful and convenient option, to the astonishment of the locals who are convinced that one can't get around without a car. But I don't know about Burbank.

                                2. re: yzd323

                                  I am not an LA local but I can't imagine going anywhere in Southern California by public transportation. I was just hinting about the Whole Foods parking lot. Some of the LA restaurants have reasonably priced valet parking and we almost always use it. Paying for parking is cheaper than paying for a ticket.

                                  1. re: yzd323

                                    Parking is not so bad in LA. I'm not from there, but been there several times in recent years. Basically - carry quarters, read the signs, you'll be fine.

                              2. re: SoCal Mother

                                Not trying to be rude or difficult, but have you ever been to any other restaurant where a sealed bottle of water on the table was free? It's a pretty standard way they "upsell," if that can be said to be the correct term.

                                1. re: queenscook

                                  Actually, no. I have never seen this before. Only in hotel rooms, and there is always a tag on the bottle listing the price.

                                  1. re: SoCal Mother

                                    Well, it's not so common, but I've definitely seen it before.

                                2. re: SoCal Mother

                                  Pizza World...yes! Great pizza. And their nachos deluxe are fabulous! Love those mini chimichangas too, and they make a darn good salad' too, as simple as it is. Its the Italian dressing that does it for me. But you really can't go wrong with anything there. Except maybe the pasta. Its good, but nothing special. Go for Mexican. That's my favorite.