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Oct 23, 2013 03:39 PM

food for single female diner near convention center

i have a friend visiting for a convention halloween weekend
she's going to be travelling by herself, but wants to know cheap/good places that are within safe walking distance for her
staying at one of the main hotels nearby, i think the hyatt
she has a per diem, i think, but i bet it's not much

can anyone please help her out with some suggestions?

mahalo (thanks)


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  1. Steve:

    One of the countless great things about New Orleans is that it is not an expensive city for dining. It would help if you could put a number on "cheap/good."

    Likewise there are two Hyatt properties in the city, one in the French Quarter and one on Loyola. If your friend must walk, it will helpful to know in which neighborhood she'll be staying.


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    1. re: Gizmo56

      ok, that's fair
      call it $15 or less for breakfast
      $25 or less for lunch
      $60 or less for dinner

      hyatt place new orleans/convention center

      1. re: macsak

        Baring expensive alcohol tastes (or quantities) she should be able to stay at or below those points in 90% of the good N.O. restaurants.

    2. Steve,

      After you have contemplated Gizmo's questions (about the same that I would have had), your friend should not have any difficulties (again, depending on the answers to those questions).

      Once, NOLA restaurants were a bit more geared to couples and groups, as more locals dined that way, and so did most tourists. Over the years, the convention business has become a very large part of the economy, and that segment seems to bring out more solo diners, of both genders.

      I have dined solo (though from a guy's perspective), but seem many female solo diners, and cannot recall there ever being any issue. There are also several threads on the general subject, and I cannot recall reading of any issues, with those, who took time to report back.

      Obviously, walking in some neighborhoods in most large cites, needs to be considered, hence Gizmo's request for more geographic data - but I also agree that dining in NOLA is one of the great "values" in travel-dining. Usually great food, at fair prices (especially considering that NOLA is a "destination resort"), and that is good. In really general terms, I can dine twice in NOLA, for what one meal will cost me in San Francisco, Chicago or NYC, and that ain't bad.

      Let us know a bit more, and you will likely have a bunch of great suggestions.

      Good luck,


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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        mahalo hunt
        yeah, she's not as concerned about dining solo as much as her "safety zone" while walking around
        for reference, she was at the ADA meeting in SF last year, and she was ok walking around the union square area, but i went with her for breakfast at dottie's true blue, which was an ok walk together, and wouldn't have been "dangerous" for her alone, but is a little dodgy in terms of the area denizens, if you know what i mean
        she also had friend in the bay area, that gave her suggestions and even met up with her, so that helped
        i was going to go to the meeting, but changed my plans

        any help you can give would be appreciated



        1. re: macsak

          Steve, aloha,

          I know your feelings completely. There are neighborhods that we will walk, in daylight, but cab through, after dark. Also, as my wife often meets me, once her business meetings are done, I often insist that she cab from the corporate offices - just to be safe.

          In cities, which I know well, I have a few "DMZ's," but am a bit more suspect in new ones - still, it's often easy to get tips here, and then go by "gut feelings."

          NOLA has some of those "dodgy areas," but where she will be located, I think that the folk here can steer her clear of those. Also, NOLA cabs are much cheaper, than say, Las Vegas, where one will pay for a 30 mile drive to go 5 blocks. We found the same in Sydney, earlier this year - few had a clue, and the meter was always running, while the sorted out where to go.

          Near her hotel, there are many good restaurants, and most are within safe walking distances.

          Hope that she enjoys!


      2. Annunciation, La Boca and Root for dinner.

        Cochon Butcher for lunch. Root does lunch as well.

        1. Lil Dizzy's on Poydras, The Store, Capdeville, Rio Mar, Butcher, Root, Cafe at The Square... she can walk anywhere in that area and find good food. Edited to add that Root is not cheap, but good.

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          1. re: mrsfury

            Note that Lil Dizzy's in the CBD is closed but a fine list otherwise.

            As BH, above, notes: cabs (call United) are cheap and usually immediately available. No one should feel penned in to the convention center area for safety reasons (though there is a week's worth of eating in the neighborhood).

            I almost always eat at the bar when I'm alone. Some friendly ones in the neighborhood include those at Herbsaint, Cochon, Luke, Capdeville, and Emeril's. A little further afield my favorite places for solo bar eating include Meauxbar, the Joint, Maurepas Foods, Toup's Meatery, Marzia, Cane and Table, and St. Lawrence. None are cheap exactly but none are very expensive either.

            In that neighborhood for breakfast, Surry's is a little bit of a walk and worth the effort. I also end up at the Commerce diner occasionally: they do a pretty good no-frills breakfast.

            1. re: montuori

              Aw man they are closed? What a bummer. I stopped working in the Warehouse District a year ago. :(