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How do you like to use chipotle powder?

I have a jar of chipotle powder which I was very excited to buy but now have no ideas how to use it other than chili and taco seasoning. How do you like to use it?

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  1. In some versions of chicken salad, on a roasted chicken, in a dry rub for pork tenderloin, deviled eggs, some soups and sauces, skewered shrimp. I have the Penzeys ground red Chipotle.

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      That's the one I have as well. Pork tenderloin was actually my first thought.

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        I hope you like it. Rich smoky jalapeno flavor, not excessive heat. You will find your comfort zone.

      2. re: Veggo

        +1 to all of Veggo's suggestions. Anywhere you might use a dry rub. Really anywhere you might use smoked paprika or something like cayenne, wanting an added smoky element.

        A few random ideas off the top of my head: scrambled eggs, bacon, meatballs or meatloaf, beans, grilled cheese sandwich... Chipotle (like cayenne and Tabasco sauce) goes great with melted cheese. I'll leave the million or so possibilities there unspecified. :)

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          I'm liking that bacon idea. I've started sprinkling black pepper on bacon while cooking. I think tomorrow's going to be chipotle. Thanks, SV.

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            I hope and bet that you'll love it! I normally use canned chipotles but that's one case where the powder works best. Now I'm thinking bacon with maple or brown sugar and chipotle. Dang, if only I weren't out of bacon right now...

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              SV, there's a pig out there with your name on it. The brown sugar/chipotle combo is a winner.

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                What I think is funny is that so many people think chipotles in adobo are killer hot whereas we just love them for the smokiness.

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                  I really enjoy canned chipotles and for some reason thought the powder would be useful. I love this bacon idea as well. Out of bacon? I don't know that state of being.

          2. During the holiday, Costco carries a great rack of pork. Here's a recipe that does a bit more than just chipotle.


            We just started using a smoker and chipotle powder is one of about eight or so seasonings that get rubbed on it.

              1. As part of a rub for pulled pork, using pork shoulder (Boston butt). See Lisa Fain's recipe here http://www.homesicktexan.com/2010/05/...

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                  Another vote for a combo not just that one powder itself.

                2. I like to add it to Ranch dressing, makes a wonderful dip for jicama, sugar snap peas & Sun Gold tomatoes.

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                    Oh, thanks for that nudge. I'll put out little bowls of chipotle powder, salt and limes. And strips of jicama.

                  2. I use Rick Bayless' steak sauce. It's more versatile than your regular 'steak sauce'. It's also extraordinarily tasty considering the small amount of ingredients.


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                      That looks great and I love everything of his I've cooked but OP is looking for uses for chipotle powder. But I'd rather the chipotles in adobo :)

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                        Oops. Thanks for the catch. Going back to OP, I like to use chipotle powder in my spice mix for taco night.

                        Someone once said you can use chipotle powder in most places you use paprika if you want a little more kick and smokiness. It sounds like it could work in quite a few applications. Edit(props to Soul Vole) on stating the same idea before I did.

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                        Great recipe, I'll be trying it out soon.

                      3. I like to sniff it. Not enough to actually go up my nose, but it smells SO good! And in BBQ and other rubs, on steak, chicken. I use penzeys too.

                        1. I use it as an element in rubs for grilled pork, chicken or even some fish. It is rather like hot paprika but with a smoky element, too.

                          I could see myself using a bit in broth for cous-cous, as well.

                          1. In chocolate cake, hot chocolate, ganache, brownies...it goes well in chocolate!! I like a sprinkle in my coffee, OMG, so good!

                            Great on chicken, pork, soups, bean dishes and mac & cheese. Add to homemade sausage blend. Use in part of a blackening season blend

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                                If it's finely ground, it'll dissolve.

                            1. I add it to black beans, which I then use for veggie tacos. Onion, garlic, black beans, some tomato, cilantro, and chipotle powder. Maybe a little vinegar or something sweet (molasses? sugar?), and it's a nice balanced dish, with smoky/spicy/sweet flavors.

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                                Since we're beginning smokers, brown sugar seems to be a key element.

                              2. I don't know if it would work as well with the powder, but I like to make a honey/chipotle or maple/chipotle sauce with canned chipotles in adobo.

                                I'll take a small can of chipotles en adobo and put them in the food processor and puree them with a very small amount of water. Then I dump the pureed chipotles in adobo in the pan and let it simmer for a little while. Add the honey or maple syrup to the desired sweetness and that's it.

                                It makes a really excellent sauce for chicken or pork. Sometimes I'll add caramelized onions and/or a little garlic but they're really not necessary.

                                The chipotles in adobo have tomatoes, onions, and other things too, so they probably work better than the powder. But you might want to consider something along those lines. Maple and chipotle are two flavors that go really well together.

                                1. The chipotke power was great sprinkled in pimento cheese

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                                    That sounds really good. Dips and spreads in general, many possibilities there. I bet you could make chipotle mayo using the powderered form. That's versatile stuff.

                                  2. There's a copycat recipe for the dressing they use at Chipotle, which uses chipotle powder.


                                    1. I add a little bit to my chocolate chip cookies. It's the little something different that really wakes up the chocolate flavor

                                      1. I use it in everything, it seems, but one use I hadn't seen mentioned (that's probably just too obvious to mention) is on/in deviled eggs. So good.