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Oct 23, 2013 02:53 PM

How do I clean a pasta machine?

I picked up a used Atlas pasta machine at a garage sale, but there's dried bits of pasta dough (i'm hoping that's what they are) and orange-colored gunk all in between the slots of the noodle cutter.

I took out the screws on the sides but nothing opened up... so i went through with a q-tip and tried cleaning in between the slits but it seems impossible.

Any tips?

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  1. Orange gunk?? My first thought was this pasta machine was used by a CRAFTER who used one of those polymer clay products... name just is NOT coming to me at the moment. Clay stuff specifically says NOT to use with utensils used for food... like rolling pins and pasta rollers?!?

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      No, there was also dried pasta dough. The machine smells like pasta. The orange gunk was oily... I assumed it was some kind of rust mixed with the lubricant. But I could be wrong.

    2. Try spraying some pan release agent, Pam etc, then run pasta dough though several times.

        1. I'd run some bread through it, Wonderbread if, for whatever reason, I had some.

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          1. re: tim irvine

            Didn't wonder bread go out of business?

            1. re: melpy

              Temporarily, but then Flowers Foods bought them this summer.

            2. re: tim irvine

              Dry rolled oats may be a little abrasive and help to scrub some of the dried pasta out. Put them through a few times.

            3. Toothpick to dislodge chunks, sacrificial pasta dough for the rest. Run it through numerous times.

              I would stay away from any spray that leaves a film that will eventually cause it to cease.