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Oct 23, 2013 10:37 AM

Asheville appetizer tour

So my husband and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary this Saturday. We are fairly new to Asheville and we usually have our toddler in tow. We've got a babysitter for Saturday (Victory!!!!) and are hoping to hit a few places. Our idea is to essentially go to 4 or 5 different places where we can have a small plate or app and a drink at each. We don't want to make reservations, but are completely ok with sitting at the bar. Ideally, we could accomplish this without having to drive all over town, so it seems that downtown would be the most likely place to go. The bigger question: what restaurants??? Any ideas? We're ok with any food type, as long as it's tasty.

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  1. I think you're going to run into significant waits (even for the bar) at most places on a Saturday in October. I think you'll definitely need to go on the early-bird side to attempt this unless you don't mind waiting!

    Curate, Zambra, Seven Sows, Rhubarb and Limones would be my top picks, but again...they will be packed and I would not be at all surprised if their bars would be filled with people eating a full dinner.

    You could try Storm, Chestnut - slightly less popular restaurants (but still w/ good food) and MG Road, Imperial Life Bar - cocktail lounges with good food. But personally I'd rather celebrate at one of the 5 I listed first for a spectacular full-service meal. And I'd hurry and make my reservation :)

    You may have the best luck w/ this little grouping (all within a few blocks of each other): MG Road, Marketplace, Cucina 24, Isa's Bistro, dessert at Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne.

    1. What fun, you're doing your own Small Plate Crawl. Just on Biltmore Ave you can hit Curate, Seven Sows, Posana, Chestnut, Limones (bar is pretty small) and Blackbird (if you love Coconut Cake, save this for dessert). Head over to Wall St and visit MG Road, Marketplace and Cucina 24. This is making me hungry....

      For anything you miss, plan on participating in the 2014 Crawl.

      1. I think you might want to check out Asheville Food Tours:

        I hear good things about them. Maybe they can arrange something.

        1. nancy and ms pig have the right idea. A couple of other spots not mentioned would be 5 Walnut, a wine bar w/ lots of snacks from local spots. Rosetta's Kitchen for some a la minute french fries, Salsa's for a spliff roll and a margarita, Chocolate Fetish for a dark pistachio frog (best sweet in town with the possible exception of Ultimate Ice Cream which you cannot walk to).

          1. The Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit festival is taking place in downtown Asheville for the entire weekend (Friday through Sunday), so I'm sure downtown restaurants will be busier than usual. In fact, I'll be one of those out-of-towners that will be dining at so many of the tasty restaurants in your fair city.