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where is the best place for Indian dinner in London Zone 1?

I will be there for a meeting mid December and would love to take a colleague to a top notch Indian restaurant. Quality is more important to us than price or atmosphere - any recommendations?

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  1. Search this board for london indian and you'll find plenty of opinions!

    Salloo's in Kinnerton Street gets my vote

    1. A few names to research:
      Moti Mohal
      Cafe Spice Namaste

      The rest is up to you!

      1. I hate to be that guy that directs you to the search function, but this has been covered a million times, and very recently.

        Cinnamon Club, Quilon, Amaya, Benares, Chutney Mary, Trishna are all michelin starred so start there. Trishna is the current board favorite, which basically means like 4 people like it.

        Read some reviews on newspaper sites and make up your mind based on criteria which matter to you.

        1. Personally, I really like The Cinnamon Club. Great food (especially the lamb dishes) and very nice atmosphere.

          1. Based on what you've said:

            Go: Trishna, Quilon, Gymkhana, Moti Mahal.
            Avoid: Benares, Cinnamon Club.

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              Re: Gymkhana - I've read a lot of positive reviews about it andwould certainly like to check it out the next time I'm in London. Helmed by ex-Trishna, Chef Karam Sethi. Their suckling pork cheek vindaloo sounds intriguing. That, and the lamb's brain keema ;-)

            2. I'm guessing that you mean a Northern/Central Indian/Pakistani restaurant (tell me if you don't...) which would leave The Cinnamon Club, Gymkhana, Salloos. If you ventured further you could have Bombay Brasserie or Cafe Spice Namaste. If you want a more veg. or fish orientated restaurant, then do let us know.

              1. The same is true for me -- I'll be there next week.

                May I reopen the OP's question to the group? I will be dining alone and I prefer mom-and-pop to higher-end places.

                When I was in London last, I had one of the best meals of my life at Kastoori, which is now tragically defunct. I tried New Tayyab too, but while I thought it was very good, it wasn't great the way Kastoori was.

                Does anyone have a North Indian and South Indian suggestion based on these guidelines? Thanks!

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                  I would search out JFores and East Ham -- he is a poster here who lives/lived somewhat out of the center of town and has found a load of obscure places serving various regional Indian/Pakistani foods.

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                    Can I check if you need veg. friendly restaurants? If so, there are 2 Woodlands and 2 Sagar locations in central London. There is also Rasa, Ragam as well as the Drummond Street 'food court' which has Diwana, the Ravi Shankar and Chutneys. These are all decent, dependable restaurants.

                    If you can go out of the central zone, there are many areas that feature regional specialities. Tooting - Veg. South Indian; East Ham - South Indian; Wembley - Gujurati; Southall - Punjabi.

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                      I have three dinners to throw at this project; I'd love at least one of them to be meat-focused. In general I prefer meat, though that meal I had at Kastoori remains one of the best of my life.

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                        Check out the menu at Cafe Spice Namaste and see if that fits the bill. I had a delicious duck dish that I will definitely go back and have again.

                  2. Thanks everyone. As it turns out of the many recommendations in central London only quilon was open on the Sunday night in question, so we'll try that. Thanks for all of the great suggestions and advice!