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Oct 23, 2013 10:33 AM

where is the best place for Indian dinner in London Zone 1?

I will be there for a meeting mid December and would love to take a colleague to a top notch Indian restaurant. Quality is more important to us than price or atmosphere - any recommendations?

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  1. Search this board for london indian and you'll find plenty of opinions!

    Salloo's in Kinnerton Street gets my vote

    1. A few names to research:
      Moti Mohal
      Cafe Spice Namaste

      The rest is up to you!

      1. I hate to be that guy that directs you to the search function, but this has been covered a million times, and very recently.

        Cinnamon Club, Quilon, Amaya, Benares, Chutney Mary, Trishna are all michelin starred so start there. Trishna is the current board favorite, which basically means like 4 people like it.

        Read some reviews on newspaper sites and make up your mind based on criteria which matter to you.

        1. Personally, I really like The Cinnamon Club. Great food (especially the lamb dishes) and very nice atmosphere.

          1. Based on what you've said:

            Go: Trishna, Quilon, Gymkhana, Moti Mahal.
            Avoid: Benares, Cinnamon Club.

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              Re: Gymkhana - I've read a lot of positive reviews about it andwould certainly like to check it out the next time I'm in London. Helmed by ex-Trishna, Chef Karam Sethi. Their suckling pork cheek vindaloo sounds intriguing. That, and the lamb's brain keema ;-)