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Oct 23, 2013 10:12 AM

How do you rotisserie over charcoal?

Thinking about adding a roto to my 27" Weber kettle. For those of you who use a roto with a charcoal grill, do you put the fire directly underneath and let the fat drip and vaporize on the fire? Do you put the fire(s) at the edges and place a drip pan under the meat? Do you cover or leave open? How long will a 3-4 lb chicken take on the roto, when it takes about 1.5 hrs on an indirect smoker at about 300 dome temp? Thanks.

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  1. Coals on sides, drip pan with some water in it under the spit. Cover on, full open vents top and bottom. 1-1.5 hours depending. Longer side for large or multiple chickens. Worth doing several at once.

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    1. Does Weber make rotisseries especially for their charcoal grills?

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        Yes, Weber does make a rotisserie for their 22 1/2" kettle. It consists of the motor, spit, and a ring that fits between the kettle body and the lid, raising the lid some 7" or so. I don't think they make one for the 26.75" grill that woodburner has, but I do believe that Cajun Bandit makes one for it. It's my guess wb already knows that ;-)

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          Exactly. Any knowledge on the quality of the Bandit item??

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            I've read lost of posts on the Brethren site from people who seem quite happy with the CB products, I know I've seen rotisserie stuff discussed, in a good light. I can't recall much in particular relating to the 26.75, but I can't see where it would be different than the others. I do recall mention of a battery-operated motor, but I don't know how long ago I read that. Maybe they are not the same now. Regardless, as long as the motor has the power necessary, it would be easy enough to adapt a DC power supply to do the job. If you buy it, please let us know what you think!