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Oct 23, 2013 10:11 AM

Looking for hip place with great food to watch Red Sox this Saturday

This Saturday, two friends(mid-twenties couple) will be coming to visit to do a fancy night out with my girlfriend and I(also mid-twenties foodies). We're planning to dress up(casual suits, dresses) for the occasion, and are looking for a restaurant and/or bar to match.

Restaurant requests:
-Great food. GF is mostly veg(eats white chicken/turkey). Others don't have restrictions. Preferably not American food, but are open to it if the food is excellent.
-Won't stand out in suits, but not overly fancy either.
-Medium price range - $15-25 for entrees.
-TV's to watch Red Sox game.

Bar requests:
-Good cocktails.
-Won't stand out in suits, but not overly fancy either.
-TV's to watch Red Sox game.

-Boston/South End.
-Possibly Back Bay area because we're considering going to Top of the Hub later for drinks.
-T accessible.
-Live in Somerville/Cambridge, so would prefer to make a trip to the city, but would be open to Somerville/Cambridge spots if there are standouts.

So far, I've come up with the following ideas:
-Mistral - Most entrees are above the price range, so we'd be going with the lower priced dishes.
-Deuxave - Same as above.
-Island Creek Oyster Bar
-Brasserie Jo.

Thanks for your help!

PS: There is a unique twist to this story. One of the diners doesn't have a sense of smell. If anyone happens to suffer from this and has any restaurant recommendations(specifically for this Saturday, as well as in general), we'd love to hear them.

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  1. To be honest, I struggle to come up with places where you'd fit in in a suit that also have TV's.

    I also try to not look at TVs at restaurants, so I'm not totally certain of places that have them. That being said, I'd recommend Eastern Standard, maybe Towne, or Myers + Chang.

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      1. re: addiez

        Thanks for everyone's input. Based on your recommendations, we've decided to split up the desired goals:

        First, we'll get dinner. It doesn't matter if there is a TV or not. What matters for dinner is food quality, matching our price range, and a hip atmosphere.

        Second, we'll go for drinks somewhere to watch the game. We're pretty open for this next location, but would prefer to avoid dive bars and Irish pubs.

        I'll start looking on OpenTable to narrow down my search. Based on the above changes to our plans, we're leaning towards Hamersley's, Bistro du Midi, or Coppa if we go out to Boston, or Hungry Mother, Craigie, or Bergamot if we go out in Cambridge/Somerville. I've been to Coppa, Craigie, and Bergamot and loved them all.

        Any recommendations for dinner out of our choices or for drinks afterward in a nearby area?

        1. re: tuftsauto

          Craigie is way out of the price range. Hungry Mother is fantastic and comes closer to your price point, but the menu is small, so check it with your girlfriend.

          Coppa isn't at all fancy not is it the most comfortable place in town? Not really, but it's fun and has really great food.

          I like Bergamot a lot, but I wouldn't call it hip, per say.

          Bistro du Midi probably gets my vote.

          1. re: LeoLioness

            BdM is a good spot to wear a suit if that's still part of the plan. Lot's of places to drink and watch the game nearby as well.

          2. re: tuftsauto

            Good decision, and I don't think you can go wrong at any of your choices for dinner, all very good. Why not try somewhere you haven't been. How about Hungry Mother for dinner and then Lord Hobo for drinks and the game?

            1. re: tuftsauto

              Have you considered Catalyst in Kendall, they have TVs as well at the bar, you could have a nice meal, then move to the bar or head down the street to the Marriot, Champions for large TVS.

          3. Why don't you enjoy a late lunch and then enjoy the game?

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            1. re: trufflehound

              Unfortunately, our friends aren't coming into town until around 6, so dinner is the only option. We had planned the suit idea prior to the World Series game being scheduled for Saturday, so we're trying to make both work, but I'm normally with you in not seeing/liking TV's in restaurants.

              We had narrowed it down to the following, dependent on the area that we want to go out in:


              Brasserie Jo
              Bistro du Midi


              Hungry Mother
              Craigie on Main
              Ten Tables

              1. re: tuftsauto

                At a quick glance, there are places on your list which don't even have a TV. You can use Yelp to narrow it down. IMO you should either pick a fancy night out, or be casual and watch the game. They isn't much of an intersection between the two.

                1. re: tuftsauto

                  West Bridge has two TVs in the bar, and they will definitely have the game on. They are small though.

                  1. re: mkfisher

                    Oops, I just realized you said West Bridge, after I "recommended" it.

                    Well, that's still a solid choice, but at first I thought you wrote West Side, as in West Side Lounge, which also has two small TVs, good food and cocktails, and is also more squarely in tuftsauto's price range than pretty much anywhere else listed.

                  2. re: tuftsauto

                    Have you checked to see if you can get reservations at these places? Some of them are usually booked well in advance for weekends especially. Open Table might be your best way to narrow things down at this point.

                    1. re: LeoLioness

                      Most places don't take bar reservations and that's where the tv's, if any, are.

                      1. re: C. Hamster

                        Right, but I wasn't clear if the OP actually wanted to watch while dining or duck to the bar between courses to check on the game.

                        1. re: LeoLioness

                          He said he wanted to watch in both the title and the body of his post so I assumed he wanted to eat while watching.

                          Which made his request more than a little problematic ....

                2. If Eastern Standard takes their TV out for WS games, which I imagine they would, that is a solid option for your criteria.

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                  1. re: ebone

                    Normally I think ES would work, but I bet anywhere that close to Fenway is going to be a zoo. Same for Citizen, ICOB. Check OpenTable now to see where you can get reservations. That should help narrow things down.

                    I think something along the lines of the West Bridge suggestion is your best bet, a nice restaurant with a bar that has TVs. Shojo in Chinatown might work, seems to be a common suggestion for all requests for somewhere hip, has TV.

                    1. re: CportJ

                      Saturday's game is not at Fenway. If you can get a reservation at ES, it could work.

                      1. re: LeoLioness

                        I know, but I still think the Fenway-area restaurants and bars will be packed. It's the World Series, not an away game in Cleveland.

                        1. re: CportJ

                          Good point--I wasn't thinking about easy access to post-dinner drinks.

                  2. Personally, I'd rather go to a restaurant that fits my budget rather than try to shoehorn my budget into an across-the-board higher-priced place. Since you can't count on suits at the most restaurants on the high end, I think you'll just need to accept that you may be the only ones dressed up wherever you go. It's not like seeing people in suits is so bizarre that people will do a double-take, even in a divey bar.

                    Are you looking to actually watch while you eat, or just check the score between courses?

                    1. A high top at Island Creek would be your best bet. Back-ups could be maybe Forum, City Table (I think they have tv), Tico, Scampo - request a high top in the lounge area to see the tiny tv, Carrie Nation
                      To be honest, anything goes in boston. No one is going to think twice if they see 2 couples dressed nicely out on a saturday night.