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Oct 23, 2013 09:42 AM

Soos- Has anyone been yet

I love Malaysian food and I have med a res for the end of the month but was wondering if any of you have been yet and had any recommendations! thanks

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  1. Funny, I just read about this place ten minutes ago despite living about a 2 minute walk from there. I love malaysian and regularly go to gourmet garden once a month. Came here looking for info because, even though its so close, I just hate trying out new places just to get disappointed!

    1. Where is this? Could be the Soo, (Sault St. Marie.) This board covers the whole province of

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      1. re: jayt90

        Restaurant named Soos on ossington

      2. I walked by it tonight. Looked pretty busy. I looked at the menu and it seemed interesting but my friend said "boring menu"... What does she know.. ha

        Anyway, I heard that they owners were the ones that owned the Malaysian place on Baldwin (Forget the name of it) or at least the same family.

        Curious to hear people's feedback on it too.

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        1. re: ylsf

          The old spot on Baldwin was Mata Hari.

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            Im disappointed to hear that it is owned by Matahari Grill because I really didn't enjoy that place...fingers crossed this is better! will provide feedback next Thursday

          2. I've been looking for the menu online, but can't find one. Has anyone seen the menu?

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              1. re: Pigurd

                The term resto/bar makes me want to puke. Menu sounds way too fusiony to be good, but I'll still give it an honest try.

              2. I went and had three mains: the laksa, char kway teow, and the chicken rice. All were okay-lah. The laksa was the best of the three. Decent flavour on that one. Good heat.

                I think that the prices are high, but sort of understandable given the location/rent of the space. It's a fancier/trendier restaurant.

                The HCR is a bit of fusion, using grilled versus poached chicken. The one I'm looking for is one that's far more like white cut chicken 蒸白切雞, like at Phoenix.

                Everything I tried is all far more representative of Malay/Sing cuisine than anything in the area.

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                1. re: jlunar

                  What kind of laksa is it?

                  BTW there is a japanese+malaysian restaurant that opened up on Queen St W, east of spadina. It had all the signs of being bad,but...but I had to give it a try. Had char kway teow....knew I should have kept walking.

                  okay-lah is disappointing...

                  1. re: szw

                    I can't call laksa types, but it's similar profile to the one at One2 Snacks.

                  2. re: jlunar

                    So I finally went there and what I found is that I really liked the Hits and I really disliked the misses... Things I really enjoyed:
                    1. Beef rendang poutine: tooo bad they don't serve the beef rendang with steamed coconut rice... I would come back to snack on this
                    2. Chicken Kapitan Curry with steamed rice and roti Canai (Special of the day does not feature on the regular menu) - This was excellent, the five of us seriously loved this dish
                    3. edamame with balacan- loved the balacan and it would have been soooo good in a nasi goreng (we suggested that they should consider adding it to the menu)
                    4. Char Kway teow- quite liked this, tatsed quite authentic and again was yummy with balacan sauce

                    The things I found strictly average:
                    - chilli chicken wings- pales compared to hawker next door (its moist but the flavours could be stronger)
                    - Chicken chop and rice- quite plain
                    -Laksa- I'm not a big laksa fan but the table didn't necessarily enjoy it either

                    The MISSES (and boy were they misses)- if you go don't bother ordering
                    - chicken kapitan taco
                    - seafood antipasto platter

                    It worked to 40 bucks per head (each of us ordered a drink)....would we go back... maybe for snacks and a drink ...I did enjoy the Hits