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Oct 23, 2013 08:11 AM

Four-Day Solo Trip 10/26-10/30

Would love input on my upcoming plans for a solo trip 10/26-10/30. I have some reservations already, and still plenty of blanks to fill in. I want to fit Drago's in there at least once for those amazing oysters. I also want to take in as much music as possible (thinking Tipitina's Maple Leaf, Rock and Bowl, etc.), and I know some of those places have decent food - so recommendations about any of these or spots on Frenchman Street would also be good.

Arrive morning of Saturday, 10/26:

Lunch: Nola
Dinner: Grab a sandwich or something easy (suggestions welcome)


Lunch: Arnaud's
Dinner: Muriel's


Breakfast: Coffee Pot? Interested in trying calas.
Lunch: ?
Dinner: GW Fins

Lunch: ?
Dinner: ?

Lunch: ?

I look forward to any and all ideas. Thanks!

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  1. For me one good meal/music combination is College Inn and Rock n Bowl, but there needs to be someone you want to see at Rock n Bowl. For Tips there are some good Magazine Street choices but you do need transportation. There are plenty of prior posts on food and music on Frenchmen. For HOB there are the FQ restaurants and for Chickie Wah Wah there are Canal and Carrollton restaurants.
    For music choices get a copy of Gambit (free alternative newspaper) or listen to WWOZ at the top of the odd hour for announcments as to who is playing where.

    1. I would definitely recommend Cochon Butcher for that first grab a sandwich dinner. I bet you’ll want to go back again for Tuesday lunch. As for Tuesday dinner, I’m gonna recommend heading Uptown and going to Dominique’s or Le Petite Grocery on Magazine Street followed by the Rebirth Brass Band at the Mapleleaf. It starts late so make a 9:00 dinner reservation and head there afterward.

      1. I would check out Little Gem Saloon. I went their during JF this year and really liked it. They serve food, which I heard was good, but I did not eat. The upstairs room is really plush and has pretty good sound. The Saturday you are there DJ Soul Sister is putting on a show with Mike Clark, which ought to be fun.