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Oct 23, 2013 08:03 AM

Help w/last-minute trip this weekend... & I'm pregnant

NYC hound here, excited to visit for the weekend, but since i literally found out this morning that i'll be in SF, i'm worried reservations for all the good places are gone! (in NYC reservations are a nightmare)

Any recommendations for last-minute breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner and anything in between would be much appreciated! if there are places that are usually busy but have walk-in tables worth waiting for, we could do that. i normally eat anything and everything (except bugs), although i'm pregnant, so not caring too much about booze/sushi offerings at the moment.

I'll be in town:
Thurs (tomorrow) night - by myself (good solo dining?)
Fri night - husband joining me after my meetings for dinner and after
Sat - all day
Sun - 2pm flight from SFO

Thinking about using Starwood points and staying at the Westin (Market St.) or Le Meridien (Battery St.) - advice as to which to pick that is more food- and other activity-centric?

For food, anything that is better in SF than in NYC/Philly would be perfect. Or just any gems people love. Along with restaurants, would love to check out bakeries, shops, cafes, etc. for snacks. Price is not an issue... we'll pay for great food but don't like paying $$$$ for mediocre food. We love all cuisines, although vegetarian spots are probably less appealing.

I've been yearning dim sum and am guessing SF would have some offerings that rival that of NYC - any suggestions there?

Thanks, all!

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  1. Dim Sum - Yank Sing good, solid quality. The one in the RIncon center is the largest.

    Bakeries - B Patisserie (for sure!); Craftsman & Wolves, Knead

    Most places in SF in the $$$ range have bar seating. You could try Gitane or AQ or Zero Zero depending on what you'd like.

    I think you can probably find close to anything here in NY. We just have more affordable, better done farm to table options and cal-italian options.

    on that note: Quince, Cotogna, Locanda, Baker & Banker, Frances, Nopa etc. are all worth a go.

    Cotogna and Nopa are open close to all day - though I like their dinner menus more than their mid-day options.

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    1. re: goldangl95

      Thanks, goldangi!

      I did some reservation searching based on names I've seen on Chowhound... nothing at Benu, Rich Table, Nopa, Zuni Cafe, etc. available.

      BUT it seems like (although at not always the best times, but beggars can't be choosers, right?) Gitane, AQ, Baker & Banker, Cotogna, Quince, Atelier Crenn, Perbacco, Aziza, Coi have at least 1 time available.

      Any standouts among these? You mentioned Cotogna is better for dinner... any good options open for lunch?

      Does one make reservations for dim sum in SF?

      THANK YOU!

      1. re: jen223

        Quince is great at the high end - just a really good overall experience (though perhaps close to what you can find in NY)

        Baker & Baker is the quintessential mid-range CA neighborhood restaurant - I really like it for that reason - there's many of them - and they all turn out good food in a semi-relaxed warm atmosphere.

        Gitane is Basque food and it's a fun atmoshpere. It is in a cool alley and has a lot of bar seating so you may want to do that one on your own.

        AQ is Cali-experimental - it didn't quite work for me when I went but others on the board like it - it does have bar seating so you may want that as your solo. It is in a somewhat sketchy part of town.

        Atelier Crenn has the most beautiful plating ever, but I find the experience not great from the atmosphere/service side. Some really nice stand out dishes, and some pretty big misses.

        Perbacco you can get in NY.

        1. re: jen223

          A fellow tourist here but from the west coast of Canada. If you do want to try Cotogna, we've really enjoyed our three lunches there, actually more than our one dinner. It was very loud in the evening, and I missed the beautiful light coming in. It's also (a bit) easier to get lunch resos there.