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Thanksgiving? [Westchester area]

Any ideas for restaurants for Thanksgiving?

Preferably in Westchester, maybe surrounding counties, and possibly even in Manhattan, Queens, or the Bronx.

Looking for good, but not too pricey, ages 12-84, but only 6 of us.


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  1. In Manhattan Bubby's Pies and Artisanal are excellent choices.

    1. Last year I recommended Buona Sera in Fleetwood/Mt. Vernon to a similar request but the OP never wrote a follow-up. If my wife and I didn't make Thanksgiving dinner for family this is where we would go just based on their usual menu and proximity to home. I haven't seen the sign up yet for T-day reservations, but here is the link to their Yelp page (their website seems to be having technical difficulties).

      If you do go, please report back.

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      1. I'd consider Peter Pratt's Inn in Yorktown Heights. The food isn't worth the price, but you couldn't ask for a more perfect setting for Thanksgiving dinner than their gorgeous dining room.


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          You are right. I don't think it's a great restaurant but perfect for Thanksgiving!

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            Boy, Moderne Barn is stunning isn't it. Thanks for that list. I'd love to try a John Boy turkey!

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              Yes, you're welcome and me too. However, I saw this sign taped to a wall of glass at Kam Sen the other day and now I want one of them.

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                I think I'm going to have to try a smaller one of those Chinese style turkeys as well. That will be a new one for me.

          2. There is also the Radisson in New Rochelle and Rini's in Elmsford

            1. Plumbush is beautiful--I think it's just over the border in Putnam--and years ago we had two delicious Thanksgivings there. One nice thing about that restaurant is that it has many different smaller dining rooms, so you won't feel as though you're in a large restaurant.