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Oct 23, 2013 05:06 AM

Lithuanian or Latvian Rye Bread

Any place to get this in or around Chicago since Baltic Bakery cloed?

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  1. Europa Bakery and Val's Bakery produce a range of Eastern European bread that are carried by a fair number of independent or mini chain markets. However, the range is wide enough that few if any markets carry all of their breads.

    HarvesTime Foods ( in Lincoln Square, A and G Fresh Market ( on Belmont just west of Central and Angelo Caputo's ( Elmwood Park store at Grand and Harlem carry some from both bakeries. There are lots of others, particularly if you go up to Skokie or Niles.

    1. i am now curious, what is the differene between say a New York seeded rye, a detroit unseeded rye and a latvian rye?

      1. Racine Bakery
        6216 S Archer Ave
        Chicago, IL 60638

        Bakery, deli, prepared ethnic food - all great!