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Oct 22, 2013 09:52 PM

San Jose del Cabo: Flora's Field Kitchen? What happened to Don Emiliano?

We'll be in San Jose del Cabo over Xmas--anyone been to Flora's Field Kitchen and can weigh in on whether it's worth the gringo prices? What happened to don Emiliano? Any other recomendations for chow-worthy restaurants (we like low end spots too) or great places for food shopping (we'll have a kitchen.)

Many thanks!


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  1. Don Emiliano's closed well over a year ago--maybe even more than two years ago. The family's restaurant operation has moved to Coyoacán, in the Distrito Federal. The new restaurant is called Turtux.

    Sorry I can't help you with the other restaurant you named.


    1. My boyfriend and I dined there earlier this year and were both very pleased with our meal. I think it was worth the menu prices, but the cab ride out there pushed it into "possibly not worth it" territory. Because of how secluded the restaurant is, the cab ride isn't cheap, but if you're renting a car or have another way of getting to the restaurant I definitely recommend it. You've probably already had this recommended to you, but we also greatly enjoyed Deckman's.