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Oct 22, 2013 09:47 PM

Yahara Bay Spirits

Has anyone sampled their rum at all, it is a small WI distillery and my friend picked up a bottle of the Aged Rum at the Iowa State Fair

We will crack it open to celebrate Man Utd taking down Arsenal in a few weeks, it came straight from the barrel so I don't know if that was for show or not, their site says it is aged 18 months but this bottle is unlabeled other than it says dark molasses rum

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  1. I think I met the owners at a conference a few years ago.

    I haven't tried any of their spirits, although they are the production site for Bittercube bitters.

    Let us know what it is like.

    1. boy i sure hope you get to open that bottle. sad to say it currently seems a dismal prospect.

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      1. re: linus

        lol, well it will be opened in anticipation of that happening at a minimum

        We will see if Man Utd can put together a coherent 90 minutes, they looked a bit better yesterday but it was against Sociedad so that isnt saying much

        Will let you know how it tastes - I am thinking about giving it a shot in some daquri and mojito's along with trying it straight up (although that could be painful)