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Mar 7, 2005 08:58 AM

Omakase in Houston?

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Hi all,

The thread about the New Yorker coming to Houston got me to thinking... Are there any sushi restaurants in Houston with good omakase? Not just sushi -- I've had decent sushi at places like Azuma, Kubo's, etc. When I think "omakase" I mean really creative stuff that goes beyond just raw fish -- like what you'd get at NYC joints like Sushi of Gari, Nobu, or Masa (not that I can afford to eat at Masa!!). Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks much.

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  1. Try the Royal Japon restuarant at the relatively new location at Alabama and Shepherd (where Butera's used to be). Sit in the sushi bar area. The chefs there have some great stuff, much of it as daily specials. Look for a waiter there named Goose. He will do you right. They have a mixed alcoholic drink on their menu that he created called Gossewater, which is also good and refreshing

    It is not a place that you would think has good, creative sushi (with the Benihana grill tables and all), but it does. The quality of the sushi is high and the creativity is top-notch.

    1. Actually, the only place in Houston I know of that even offers omakase (I should try it out one day) that I have seen is Nippon on Montrose. A lot of the Japanese expats I know go back here for some home sickness therapy :).

      Omakase, of course, is chef's choice, so it can be whatever the chef decides, doesn't have to be sushi.