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Oct 22, 2013 08:43 PM

Getting to Grace Garden via bike

An atypical post -- I've been wanting to check out Grace Garden, but I'm "car-free" and live in Baltimore. A friend and I have been talking about taking the light rail to Cromwell or BWI and then riding our bikes the rest of the way. Are Reece Rd, WB&A Rd, and Dorsey Rd safe for riding a bike?

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  1. You're better off taking the MARC and getting off at Odenton. You can bike right up the street from the station to Grace Garden, but watch the traffic on 175.

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    1. re: dpan

      That is good advice. I don't think those streets are very bike friendly.

      1. re: 2000man

        I just remembered the MARC doesn't allow full size bicycles on board, only folding bikes.

    2. None of those roads are very bike friendly, especially 175. dpan has a good suggestion, would only be a 10 minute bike ride from the MARC station. But again, be careful of that section on 175.

      I would be more worried about my bike getting stolen while there.

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      1. re: cb1

        Why? The folks you're most likely to encounter are GI's from Ft. Meade. I'd worry more about getting run over.

      2. 175 is definitely the worst of it. But if you approached it from Cromwell (vs BWI), I think the roads are somewhat less trafficked and better for bicycling. However, at a guess, it would be around 8-10 miles each way.