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Oct 22, 2013 07:47 PM

An Ethical Company? Jiffy

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  1. I grew up 15 minutes from Jiffy (and now live about 20 minutes from them). They are a big local employer and a huge community supporter. Some of my grade school chums' parents still work there! Sure some of their mixes are a little pedestrian and use some less than ideal ingredients, but they are a economical solution to various baked goods needs. they are a staple in MANY houses and a lot of people wouldn't have it any other way. I think this piece is great! Thanks for posting!

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      I grew up with Jiffy and even though I turned away from it when I got the cooking bug, it wasn't so much out of disdain but that I wanted to learn "real" cornbread. It's a little sweet for my tastes now but they are still handy to have on hand. And from the post it seems like they are a company worth supporting for other reasons as well.

      1. re: ennuisans

        Hundreds of pounds of Jiffy bake mix support food pantries, soup kitchen and hunger programs with limited budgets across America. For this alone (& learning they have a soul for their employees is so rare in this economic climate) I will forever buy their products.

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          My Dad loved to make corn pancakes with Jiffy cornbread mix! I didn't particularly care for them but, since he was so excited to be making breakfast I always ate them with more relish than I actually felt. :-) What I wouldn't give to have some of them now - just to see him happy at the griddle and hollering "Who's ready for more?" What good memories!

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            2 eggs-2/3 cup milk-2 boxes Jiffy Cornbread mix makes a delightful skillet of cornbread and is the only recipe I have completely memorized. :)

      2. I grew-up with Jiffy in the pantry - both the corn mix and the "baking" mix. At some point my mother switched to regular baking (eschewing most mixes), but we always had Jiffy around, for those days when she wanted something easy.

        And I currently have a six pack of the corn mix in my pantry (quick meal for a crowd = a couple of boxes of Zatarains red beans and rice and two pans of Jiffy cornbread) as well as their baking mix ('cause I cannot make an edible biscuit to save my life).

        I am really impressed with the company's approach and will definitely support them in the future.

        1. Jiffy just found its way into my pantry. I want to support a company that does business this justly.

          1. I purchase Jiffy cornbread mixes when i can find it - I grew up on it and it's still my favorite.Glad to know I'm supporting a company like this! I'll have to keep an eye out for their mixes more often.

            Thanks for posting ElsieDee

            1. the single cake mixes are essential for "dump cake", that trashy-but-ethereal combination of cake mix, tinned fruit pie filling, and a stick of butter.

              I like their cornbread, too -- a staple with Hoosier ham and beans.

              after reading the article, I think I'll make up an excuse to buy a few boxes for the pantry. That or drive up and give Howdy a big hug for being a real person running a great company.

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                Jeff Daniels lives in Chelsea as well, so drive on up and say Howdy :) to both of them!

                and a good place to eat while in town (Chelsea is as cute as can be, BTW)