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Oct 22, 2013 05:11 PM

Thanksgiving in or around Mystic, CT?


My hubby, 3-year old, and I will be spending the long weekend in Mystic for the holiday. Can anyone recommend a good restaurant for thanksgiving dinner?

Price is no issue. Sit down or buffet are both fine. We really just want a really great meal. We typically do thanksgiving at our house, but we wanted to try something a little different this year.

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  1. I've never been, but this looks especially good to me. Can anyone who's been weigh in?

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      We went two years in a row. The food is delicious (I got salmon since I don't eat turkey and it was cooked perfectly) and they give you good portions. My only complaints are they really pack people in so it can be close quarters, and it's a little pricey. The lady at the table next to me felt the need to put her baby on the floor and change the diaper right then and there. So after that, we never went back. But that's her fault, not the restaurant's!!

      1. re: coastalgypsy

        OHMYGOD! Nasty! But otherwise sounds like a great Thanksgiving choice. Definitely thinking about it. :)

    2. I've never been the the Daniel Packer for Thanksgiving dinner, but we generally have a good experience there. We've eaten down in the bar, up in the restaurant, casual meals, special occassions...We've got family in the area, and it's one of their favorite places to bring us. The menu kattyeyes linked to does look good, traditional with a few twists. Based on their usual standard, I think it could be a nice option.

      1. I enjoy the food there and I think the atmosphere would be perfect for Thanksgiving. We always choose to eat in the pub rather than the main dining room. The pub is cozy with a big stone fireplace. Just a nice place to be. The Mystic Oyster Club would probably be a nice place for Thanksgiving.

        1. We've been to the DPI twice since this post--once for my birthday, once for Thanksgiving.

          Ate in the bar for Thanksgiving; made reservations for dinner last night and sat in one of the smaller (four tables to a room plus a fireplace) upstairs.

          I wouldn't return for Thanksgiving, though overall the food was "fine" with generous portions. Not stellar or great, but fine.

          Having Jonathan Edwards red wine by the glass is a treat. It's actually on tap in the pub.

          Preferred birthday meal (which was also available on Thanksgiving)--filet mignon with mashed potatoes. Kinda too bad it comes with no other vegetable as it would elsewhere.

          First plate of turkey was dry--across the table, turkey was moist. Waitress quickly brought a new/better dish, much appreciated and much better. Cornbread stuffing was salty and didn't taste homemade--disappointing as stuffing is one of my favorite things on the T Day plate. Cranberry sauce was delicious. All other sides were fine. New plate of turkey was moist but not very flavorful. Price you pay for not eating at home, I guess.

          I found the seating super tight--close enough to other tables they can bump you walking by, not to mention volume level. I wouldn't go back for Thanksgiving, but might return for a meal in the pub (also tight, seating-wise, but somehow less bothersome as a pub experience).

          Their bread with roasted garlic is fab. The portabella mushroom appetizer is delicious, too. Service was great on two very busy nights. Folks hustle and are attentive, a tough combination to achieve when it's excessively busy.