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Oct 22, 2013 04:54 PM

Which of the following after-Radio-City restaurant should I chose?

We will be visiting NYC for the 3rd time, this time for the Christmas spectacle. Looking to stay in the area after a matinee show at Radio City. I am torn between the following restaurants:

Toloache (have been here before solo and LOVED it)
Keen's Steakhouse
Benoit Bistro
PizzArte (although we are having dinner at I Sodi the next night).

Which would you choose? And why? Is there another choice I am mising?

Also, we are planning on I Sodi one night. Would you choose that or Balthazar?

Also plan to hit up Burger and Barrel and Les Halles for brunch (before 9/11 Memorial).


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  1. Keens is a good 15-20 minute walk from Radio City, not really that close.

    I personally love Balthazar around Christmas. Great food, atmosphere, holiday decorations.

    BTW, Anthony Bourdain hasn't had anything to do with the Les Halle's restaurants in years and even he admits he's something of a mediocre cook, so if that's why you want to go, I'd skip it. North End Grill does a good brunch and is walkable from the 9/11 Memorial. Don't miss the smoky scotch Mary.

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      I have not been to Les Halles (John Street location) since Christmas. SO goes for lunch fairly often. I was one of the biggest Les Halles naysayers on this Board. I have since found it to be a solid neighborhood restaurant, though not a "destination" place.

      If you like Chinese food you might want to consider Dim Sum in Chinatown. There are posts on Chinatown (look for one of Kathryn's threads) if you do a search of this Board.

    2. Benoit is a good choice. a bit on the pricey side, but the food and service are top notch. I often stop in for an appetizer and drink at the bar.

      toloache's best dishes are the small ones -- the guacamole sampler is top notch, the flatbreads too. I've found the mains a bit lesser, too heavy and dull.

      if you're feeling adventurous (and it's after 5:30), i'd try sake bar hagi. it's a subterranean izakaya serving small Japanese plates, more cooked than sushi, and it's a great place to spend a couple of hours. just a block from radio city.

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        i love sake bar hagi...small plates of fried and grilled Japanese food and cheap beer..can't go wrong. =)

      2. Since you have a wide range of retaurants that are being considered, I'll throw in Bar Room at the Modern.

        1. Are you on a budget? I ask because if I come to NYC only rarely, there are so many other choices to be had. Or is there a particular type of cuisine youwould choose?

          1. Benoit would be my choice.