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Oct 22, 2013 04:28 PM

My sister is visiting from CA - Need to find her some Foie!

My sister really misses foie gras now that it can't be served in California. Looking for places I might not have thought of the regularly have some version of it on the menu (seared, terrine, whatever...).

Noisette, Le Pigeon, and Little Bird come to mind.

Anywhere else?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Is something up with Noisette? They are not on Open Table anymore...

    1. We just got back from Cocotte. My daughter had foie gras which she seemed to enjoy. The food and service were both very good. It's a little pricy there though.

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      1. re: RIRider

        Thanks for the rec! Cocotte was completely of my radar.

      2. Had some lovely torchon at Laurelhurst Market a week or two ago. (I think you can actually pick up a lobe of foie at the butcher counter here and take it home to slice/sear it...just sayin' ;o)

        Also check:

        Racion (I do think they have foie on their current menu)
        Ox (ditto)
        Le Pigeon
        Little Bird
        St. Jack

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        1. re: JillO

          Thanks, wouldn't have thought to check Racion or Ox

        2. I had the foie agnolotti at Bar Avignon a couple of nights ago and loved it. Little pillows of liquid joy.

          Paley's usually has some version of foie on their charcuterie menu - but you might want to call first.

          They always have a couple of versions at Chop in City Market if you want to get some to have at home.

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            Oooo, the agnolotti sounds so good! Thanks.