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Oct 22, 2013 03:40 PM

Ideas for dinner near the DC Improv

I'm going on a first date to the DC Improv comedy club. Any suggestions for dinner close to the club.

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  1. For a first date, which I'd tend to keep slightly more to the casual end, I'd suggest St. Arnold's. You will have the option as doing either drinks and a shared pot of mussels, or a full dinner, depending on the vibe you feel. It's right around the corner from the club. And it's got great, Belgian beer, so you can have a couple strong ones to break the ice.

    Alternatively, Malaysia Kopitiam is close and good if you want casual cheap eats.

    1. I agree that St. Arnold's is good for a first date.

      Another option is Boqueria for Spanish tapas and Sangria.

      If you are willing to head a little further into Dupont you can try Bistro du Coin or Pizzeria Paradisio.

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      1. re: Elyssa

        I totally agree re Bistro du Coin. Good food and great atmosphere. You may wind up with a very small table though at the front of the restaurant. I think that would be fun for a first date, though I can see how some might find it less comfortable.

        As for Pizzeria Paradisio, my only hesitation would be they don't take reservations. If you are going anywhere near peak time, the wait could be unpredictable, making timing for the club after more difficult.

        1. re: juandymondo

          what did you wind up doing? how'd it go?!