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Harlem Restaurant

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Just wanted to know if there's been any recent visits/reviews on Harlem Restaurant specifically the Richmond Street East location. I am thinking of doing a group birthday lunch in a few weeks. I'm looking for something different to try and the menu looks fantastic. Would this be an ideal place? What has your experience been?


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    1. Depending on the size of your group, they do have an upstairs space that maybe you could request if space is an issue.

      1. Not recent, however my husband and I went to that location about a year ago. It was our first time there and also first time having fried chicken outside of fast food. I don't remember much about the side and appetizer, however the chicken we shared was dry. Not something I'd order again. Maybe is was an off night in the kitchen.
        Oh, and the I found the ladies washroom not what I'd expect at a sit down restaurant.
        Sometimes I feel I should not write a negative review after only one visit, although don't think I'll be back in that area anytime soon so I'm sharing my thoughts.

        1. Oh dear I was thinking of having a casual party there myself. In fact they have not returned my email inquiry. I always found them inconsistent.

          1. I live in the area, and tried it a number of times, mostly based on good online reviews. I have NEVER had a good meal here.

            1. We used to like this place and went regularly, but then it slowly went downhill. Our last visit was for a weekend brunch about six months ago and we were the only people in the place. The waiter screwed up our order then disappeared for 15 minutes before bringing us burnt bacon. The rest of the meal was mediocre. We've never gone back since.

              1. I went with a bunch of friends last year, not impressed. The seating upstairs was really cramped, food was ok.....nothing memorable. They did have a great band.

                1. I went to Harlem last night with friends and I dont think I'll be back.
                  I ordered the smoked jerked chicken with collard greens and mac and cheese, and a side of cornbread.
                  The cornbread came out first and it was ok. Nothing spectacular, in fact it was a bit dense and rubbery. And for $5 for cornbread I thnk I'd want either a really stellar corn bread or a portion bigger than a small mini loaf size.
                  The jerked smoked chicken was pretty good, nice smoke flavour, decent bbq sauce covering it - overall tasty. I'd have it again. The side of collard greens however were just ok. Strangley spicy. and they have carrots in them. Not sure why.
                  The big disappointment was the mac and cheese. It was fairly dry, baked, with a few small bits of cheese melted into it. My friends almost immeadiately said 'it tastes like kraft dinner' And it did. In fact as I was eating it all I could ask myself was, 'Is there any possible way this isn't just storebought boxed mac n cheese with a small amount of added cheese?' I'm pretty much 99.9% sure thats exactly what it was.
                  My friends had the fried chicken and they said it was ok.

                  The service was just ok.

                  I don't think I'll be back.