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Oct 22, 2013 03:29 PM

Recommended: Falafel Salam (food truck)

Falafel Salam is a food truck which occasionally appears at my workplace for lunch. I've previously had a couple of very good meals from their truck, but today's lunch crossed that "must share" threshold for me.

Falafel Salam serves falafel & shawarma, along with a number of related goodies. For my money, they're making the best falafel in Seattle these days: Tender and crisp, with a moist crumb, and just dense enough to have a really pleasant bit. Wonderfully spiced, and very satisfying.

Today, I had their humus plate with falafel, and an order of a new offering, Schwings (Shawarma Wings). Their humus is good, smooth and flavorful, well seasoned and served with just enough olive oil and their own pita bread. The falafel was, as always, execellent, and nicely paired with their humus. What really put me over the top were these wings... brined, and smoked, and seasoned and fried and oh-my-happy-tastebuds good. They were fried quite dark and crispy on the outside, with no batter or breading, but with lots of seasonings. Inside they were juicy and tender and permeated with a smoky, spicy flavor that nearly had me running downstairs for another order.

I managed to restrain myself.

This time.

If you happen upon the Falafel Salam truck, or (and I recommend it) hunt them down, you have got to try their falafel, and you have GOT to try their wings.

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  1. Their own pita bread? You mean they make it themselves in a commisary? Or have it made for them? Please tell more.

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    1. re: JayDK

      They told me they make it themselves.

      I thought their food was good, still had a little way to go to great...

      They parked by my office for a little while. Haven't tried the wings yet, though.

      1. re: dagoose

        The wings are new. It was the first time I'd seen them on the menu. They told me the same thing about the pita, that they make them fresh, themselves.

    2. Strongly recommend this place.

      The main thing is the owner understands that falafel must be served within a couple of minutes - preferably within seconds - of leaving the fryer. It can never sit around in a hotel pan, ever.

      It's the only falafel in Seattle that holds a candle to street falafel I've had in Israel or the better carts in New York. Not quite world-class, but really damn good for Seattle. (It's sometimes a little too pasty/not fluffy enough - but always fresh fresh fresh.)

      The pita's pretty good too - definitely made fresh daily (I've seen and smelled the cooler the owner brings the day's batch in at the beginning of the shift.) Do try the various salads and pickles he makes (and the schug if you like it spicy!) The menu-spec sandwiches are just starting points, it's normal and accepted to order just what you like on the pita, and Shimi the owner cheerfully offers tastes.

      I wish he'd started doing the wings before I left town.

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      1. re: terrier

        Could you give a comparison to Hallava? Better? I'm definitely interested...

        1. re: tykapfh

          Much better, given that I've never had suitably fresh falafel from Hallava. I'm also not a fan of Hallava's default kitchen-sink approach to accoutrements (i.e. unless you direct them otherwise, they stuff the pita with all kinds of sauces and salads creating a bit of a gloppy mess.)

          Maybe I caught Hallava at bad times or on bad days, but I've never had a hot and crisp falafel from them.

          1. re: terrier

            Yep... sometimes fresh, sometimes not. When fresh, I like it a lot. I kind of like the gloppy mess too :) Although, I sort of deconstruct it (eat pickle separately, etc) I'm going to try Falafael Salam soon!

      2. I'm eating one now.
        The house falafel.
        The pita, soft and fresh.
        The salad, exceptional and chock full of different greens.
        The falafel, crunchy and delicious.
        It's everything it should be.
        I wish them great success.