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Oct 22, 2013 03:14 PM

Who makes your favorite cheese fries?

I have a hankering for cheese fries, possibly with chili. I don't want a fancy preparation. Nay, I crave salty fries, orange cheese, and some spicy chili--more saucy than meaty. Help? I'm thinking Lower Depths.

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  1. Shake Shack. The fries aren't great (though not horrible), they're radiator-cut crinkle fries, but the cheese sauce has such marvelous complexity. I taste gruyere in it!

    I wish I could buy oodles cavatappi, a gallon of the sauce and make some mac & cheese with it.

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    1. re: Prav

      Shake Shack has begun to roll out a new hand cut french fry in place of the frozen crinkle cuts. It is not available in the Chestnut Hill store yet, as it will take some time and $$ to switch over all the existing locations. All new Shake Shack locations will launch with the new fries, including the soon to open Harvard Square location.

      1. re: Prav

        I second Shake Shack, and I kind of like the crinkle cuts, but it's the best cheese sauce, and it really works. Also to they give you that little two pronged fork so that you can eat em up without getting cheese all over you, it's genius.

        1. re: ipsofatso

          French fries smothered in cheese sauce.

          1. re: Gabatta

            That is poutine without the glory

        2. Don't have a favorite, and it's usually not something I crave but here are the last three places I remember having them

          Flat Patties - Good
          All Star Sandwich - Better than Flat Patties for me.
          Highland Kitchen - Really Good

          1. Cooter Browns in New Orleans

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              I forgot about this place! Used to go there to watch Pats games. Loved their chicken tenders.

            2. This may not be what you are looking for, but Angelo's in Cambridge, across from the main library, sells cheese fries using real cheese, not cheese sauce. A round tin take out container is filled with crinkle cut fries, a mountain of mozzarella is piled on top and in to the pizza oven it goes till it is all melty. You can also add toppings - I like black olives, every once in a while. It's a steal at $3. I've been enjoying them since 1995 (back when they were $1.50).


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              1. re: gltsoi

                it's a matter of taste of course, but I never like the "real cheese" style of cheese fries, I like them with a cheese sauce, preferably an unnatural orange. To each their own though, so I'm happy you have a product that you like, and you cannot argue with that price.

                1. re: devilham

                  You sound like my nephew, who, after I once served him homemade mac and cheese, would no longer eat it at my house until I had showed him the box!

                  1. re: fantundo

                    lol, only on fries Fantundo, only on fries. I make home made mac and cheese all the time.....with real cheese to boot :)

                    I am actually a very adventerous eater, it's just my preference that cheese fries use cheese sauce, not real cheese, as I hate it when it cools and hardens into one giant potato pancake...others might love that, and that is their right.

                    1. re: devilham

                      I agree: cheese fries require cheese sauce. The dish just doesn't work for me otherwise.

                      1. re: devilham

                        Adulthood does wonders; my nephew now lives in Shanghai and eats all kinds of things I wouldn't dream of! And BTW, I'm with you on the cheese sauce.....