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Oct 22, 2013 02:22 PM

Quinoa flour and pasta

Hi, new here....wondering about quinoa pasta and flour. Is the taste very assertive?

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  1. The flavor is not distinctive, if you like quinoa you will like the pasta. Ancient harvest brand makes a pretty good one- leftovers do not keep well! Turned into a gummy mess. IMO there are other better gluten free pastas available for less money- the corn pasta at trader joes is amazing

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      Well, I love the macros of quinoa, but still not on board with the taste, no matter how many techniques I utilize. I am a carb sensitive vegan, hence why the low g.i. aspect of quinoa appeals to me. I love Tinkyada brown rice pasta, but it truly is a "triggery" food for me. I took a hiatus from plant foods to Atkins, of all things for some time, lost weight, was not hungry. Trying to do lower starch plant based, little fat, to lose some weight. ( the atkins thing was years ago).trying now to avoid too many carbs and still enjoy a plant strong diet!

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        <<trying now to avoid too many carbs and still enjoy a plant strong diet!>>

        i do the same, and, for me, what works best are all the legume stews (millions of recipes for these on vegetarian times, whole foods, and other websites) and "egg" salad made with tofu (i make several versions of this, one incorporates chipotle chilie in adobo sauce)

        i serve this stuff without bread, pasta, or rice because i find those carbs are extremely addictiing.

    2. I use it with flax for crackers, not pasta. Works really well. Lots of recipes on the net.

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      1. I love the Ancient grains pasta from TruRoots. It is a blend of quinoa, brown rice and amaranth.

        It's the best non-wheat pasta I have ever had.

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          Thanks, will look for it. Maybe Wegman's has it.

        2. Have you even tried it unprocessed yet?

          I have been buying it bulk at whole foods and find it has a pleasant taste. Reminiscent of me on my belly in the dirt as a kid picking peas fresh from the pod up at my grandpa's garden.