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Spanish Chorizo in DC/NOVA

Anyone know where I can find Spanish-style chorizo in the area? I've visited various stores and international markets and have only found Latin American varieties.

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  1. I also had no luck in finding it. I ordered mine from http://www.tienda.com It wasn't a local source, but they did have it. If anyone knows some area recs on this, I'd love to have them.

    1. You can find the Palacio Brand around - Both Hot and mild. Wegman's sells it as does Society Fair in Alexandria - And I know I have seen it elsewhere (Harris Teeter maybe?) but can't remember exactly where.

      This is the hard, cured chorizo, "Rough" grind...

      1. Cheesetique, I think - at least, I ate it there.

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          Yes, this is one of the places I have seen it!

        2. I believe Canales has it. I know they carry 2 varieties, and IIRC one is Central American and the other Spanish (one is definitely milder than the other)

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            Yes, they have it. I stock up every time I'm in the neighbourhood. I haven't found it anywhere else.

          2. I know you asked for DC/NOVA, but Bethesda has the best Spanish market in the area.


            1. I've bought it at the Fresh Market in Vienna, but I don't know if it's a regularly-stocked item.

              1. check with arrowine in arlington.

                1. The market at Pershing and Washington in Arlington.

                  1. Spanish chorizo is readily available at Chesapeake Wine Company in Baltimore (Canton neighborhood).

                    1. I think Balduccis in McLean has it.