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Oct 22, 2013 12:13 PM

Chowfind of the Century- Bistrot 92 Eglinton Ave West, French French

Bistrot 92
1885 Eglinton Ave West
416 519 6050 - call ahead
A block and a bit west of Dufferin
Ample parking across the street Green P
A plain but nice room. Comfy chairs , white tableclothes.
I think that I am in France and 20 years ago.

Just came out from lunch and don't have time for a fuller review. I am typing from in front of Tim Hortons across the street.

Lunch was a French cooking $10 buffet at the crossed knife and fork standard with of course cheaper ingredients.
Soup, salad, mixed veg, potatoes, rice, fish, chicken, beef. Everything, everything is excellent. And I came two and a half hours after it opened!

Chef Guy Dongue is from Paris, born in the Cameroons. French was spoken exclusively among the staff. One of his cooking stops was Tour d'Argent. Even if he peeled potatoes there, it's OK.

Run, don't walk, particularly so that you will be there shortly after he opens.

The supper menu looks appealing. Four courses for $27.

You can find some pics of his food on the internet. Will post link later.

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  1. Any 2 for 1 coupons? Sorry, I just had to ask.

    Here is the website:

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    1. re: foodyDudey

      No, but it was OK. I ate twice as much as I wanted.
      Thanks for the site. The photos are not good. There are better photos on some other site.

      1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

        We tried Bistrot 92 based on Chowhound comments. I hope they manage to build up a clientele. They are really trying hard, and on the whole although the ambiance is lacking the food is better than Le Paradis. The amuse bouche was lobster risotto and would have been at home at Scaramouche. The best were the appetizers and sides. The mains were all good but not exceptional - but we are talking $30 for 4 courses. They are getting a liquor license at the end of the month, and I hope this helps them survive. In a more central location I think they would. The room is spartan, but I think they are doing what they can on a limited budget. With a few inventive tweeks Bistro 93 would be a destination place.

    2. I love the menu,excellent choices and very reasonable prices. I hope he can manage to stay in business in that location which is a little dicey.

          1. "Pan fried snapper fillet with its virgin sauce"


            Sorry, when a 'French' place has this much pasta on its menu, I run the other direction.

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            1. re: Sadistick

              What menu are you looking at? I see two pasta dishes or one more than at Scaramouche.

              1. re: Googs

                Well first and foremost I would not classify Scaramouche as French (though not sure what Scaramouche has to do with this...).

                Second, FWIW, have you ever had the pasta dish at Scaramouche? It is fantastic! Just from the pictures alone (I know, I know, book by its cover bla bla bla) I cannot guess the same for Bistrot.

                Then again, that Virgin sauce sounds awfully tempting.......

                1. re: Sadistick

                  What Scaramouche has to do with it is that it's classified as French without being constricted by the conventional menus of so many French in Toronto. To write a place off because it has 2 pasta dishes on the menu seems overly harsh. I don't understand the logic.

                  Personally, if VVm liked the place enough to go three times, I'd consider it worth a shot if i lived nearby or were in the neighbourhood. Three is sufficient experience to fairly rate a restaurant. I'll keep in mind that I like my salmon rare as VVm does and let staff know. Most people want and therefore most restaurants serve salmon I consider to be overcooked.