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Oct 22, 2013 11:20 AM

I-Burger Another Interim Report from Philly CH

Do not wish to create controversy, But: given the cool vibe, neat concept of
ordering via table-based internet screen, and the pricing, I expected a lot more.
We chose the least expensive possibility: Angus burger, accompanied by neat sauces, french fries and a salad for $13.99.

Loved the decor. Did not love Hamburger. Hubby hated his, and did not finish it. I didn't love it, but I finished mine. Bun, Fries and salad were fine.
What truly rankled was that I am a beef maven, and that was not my idea of
Angus beef.

Waitress asked if we enjoyed our meal, and we were tactfully truthful. Manager came over, with what appeared to be defensive justification. Claimed that ours was the only complaint he had had, and stated how difficult it is for a restaurant to stay in business, but that their customers were obviously satisfied. Oh well. Can that be? Yes, the food was freshly prepared, and presentation was just fine, but the quality of the meat left a lot
to be desired.

For $13.99 I expected a burger a good cut above Mickey D or its competitors.
What's the word on the CH Board?

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  1. I'll cross that off my burger bucket list.

    1. "What's the word on the CH Board?"

      That generally speaking, Montreal is not much of a burger town. And that as you discovered, iBurger in particular doesn't have much going on beyond its gimmick.

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      1. re: Mr F

        the CH board could have steered the OP to a better (& cheaper!) burger experience, had she asked for it.

      2. I never saw more than 3 tables occupied at the same time. I oftentimes see the place completely empty....

        1. Interesting. We weren't looking for a burger. We were looking for a quick lunch where we found ourselves, near the infomation center. First place we tried look good, but asked if\we had a rez, which we didn't. they said they were full. That's how we wound up in the I-burger place next door. But, it did get crowded, full of young people mostly, in groups, enjoying themselves.

          Now I know. In Philly, CH's ask where the BEST burger or hot dog can be found; many of us have basic urges for good ones, and they can be found. An opporunity for someone in Montreal?
          Serve really good ones and folks will come.

          I think I enjoyed the manager's line of patter most of all: We never had a complaint before!

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          1. re: Bashful3

            There are threads on the montreal board about this. Outside of CH a reference I like with over 200 burger joint reviews in mtl is Mr Lews Burger search

            1. re: Bashful3

              I suspect the fully-booked place next door must have been Dominion Square Tavern, which was recommended to you in another thread. If you are still in town try to get back there. It can be reserved in 10 seconds on opentable or by phone if you'll be dining during busy hours. The biggest problem is that it can get extremely loud..