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Mar 4, 2005 03:55 PM

BYOB places in Dallas

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I hate to sound cheap, but I'm tired of getting reamed by wine prices at restaurants. Any recommendations for places with good food that allow you to bring your own wine? I don't care about the type of cuisine as long as it tastes great. I know a big part of restaurants' profit margin is in wine sales, and I won't stop going to good places with good wine lists, but every so often I'd like to bring my own and save a few bucks. Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. what abt Red Sage. The best thing is that they don't even charge corkage. IF you do forget yr bottle of wine, you can order one from the bottle shop down the road and you pay store prices (they add on $5 for delivery fee).

    Red Sage is in South Lake though..


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      I thought I was pretty familiar with Southlake but I haven't heard of Red Sage - what can you tell us about this restaurant AussieGirl?

    2. Dave R, who has been MIA for a while, recommended Amici in Carrollton a while back. If he is out there somewhere, maybe he can add to the list.

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        Amici serves very good food, but it's a bit on the expensive side. You can bring your own wine, but they do charge a corkage fee and another fee for splitting a dish so don't expect it to
        be a bargain.

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          I was told that after the reopened after the fire it was o longer BYOB. Can anyone confirm?

      2. If you do a search of restaurants on for BYOB you will find 122 restaurants listed. I'm sure you can find a place close to you with good food! I recommend Zorba's in Plano as a good place to start.

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          Another vote here for Zorba's in Plano. I used to live at that place on Friday evenings.

        2. Jade Garden and Mai's (next to each other on Bryant @ Fitzhugh) both allow BYOB and no corkage. The food is good, but the stemware isn't, so bring your own if you bringing something nice.

          1. The guidance so far is pretty good. The best known BYOB places in the Dallas area are Amici, Arc-En-Ciel and Caravelle. Lots of wine entusiasts dine at these places and you'll usually see a lot of wine open there. I haven't been to Red Sage (too far to drive for me). The only one of the "top" restaurants in Dallas that allow BYOB as a matter of policy is Suze, but corkage is $20. I don't know if you're aware of this or not, but (I believe) Texas law only permits byob if you have no liquor permit or only a beer/wine permit. If they have a full liqour license, then they aren't supposed to allow byob.

            Dave R