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Oct 22, 2013 10:16 AM

Your best dinner recipe involving limes, please

I just scored a reduced produce bag of limes. It was great timing as I wanted to make guacamole with some of last weeks avocadoes. We don't eat sweets, was hoping to find a few good dinner recipes using limes. Any great ones stand out in your memory?

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  1. ceviche is good if you have fresh fish

    1. Lime chicken soup involving lightly poached chicken in broth and poached zucchini, sweet pepper, red onion, button mushrooms, seasoned with lime juice and served with a bunch of garnishes like sour cream, jack cheese, cilantro and crushed tortillas. I can elaborate if you are interested.

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          Lime chicken soup

          6c chicken broth
          1 ¹/² c cubed raw chicken
          1/2 cred pepper

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            i am having trouble posting. I will try later when i get back from my errands

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              Lime chicken soup
              6 c chicken broth
              1 1/2 c cubed raw chicken
              1/2 c red pepper
              1/2 c red onion
              1/2 sliced button mushrooms
              1 small jar diced pimentos
              1/2 zucchini
              1 clove garlic minced
              1 diced jalapeno
              add in chicken to simmering broth and jalapeno. Simmer a few minutes. Add in the rest of the ingredients minus the pimentos and mushrooms. Simmer a few more minutes and add the pims and mush. Cover and turn off heat.
              Crushed tortilla
              Sour cream
              Green onion
              Lime wedg

              Before serving soup squeeze in two whole limes or more to taste. Put every garnish in bowls and let people go at it.
              Very simple, light and satisfying.

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                And jack or cheddar cheese for garnishes also. And you can sub croutons for tortilla chips

          2. I was going to suggest ceviche but TroyTempest beat me to it.

            Fajitas and margaritas?

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              This was going to be my suggestion. Limes go in the guac, in the salsa, directly on the finished fajitas and into the margaritas. Also, once the guac and salsa is put together it's fast, easy and delicious.

            2. Make a marinade with fresh lime juice, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Marinade your favorite meat in it and grill it.

              1. Shrimp ceviche (I steam for a few minutes before putting in the lime juice) or lime soup. Yum!