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Lebanese Kebab Recommendations in LA?

Will be in LA Wednesday night. When I travel for work I almost always look for a great kebab - healthy, reasonably priced, local - and would love any recommendations. I will be in East Los Angeles and would love to find a great spot. Thanks.

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  1. Why not do what the Romans do when in East Los and eat Mexican?

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      i'm always baffled by posts like this. the op asked for kebabs.

      sometimes it's simpler to answer a question:

      cafe bravo

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          Downtown, which is at least in the outer orbit of ELA, I would suggest Panini Cafe http://www.mypaninicafe.com/menu.php?...

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          linus, i still have to try elena's.

          hopefully it's pretty good.

      1. Much appreciated. Had Mexican food in the Central Valley and am hoping for a kebab. Will look at each. Thx.

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          Thank you for your response to my simple inquiry.

        2. St Vincent's

          Sevan's too, but they close at 4:00

          Parking at both are a total PITA. G'luck.

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            PITA -- kabob restuarant, pun intended?

          2. Zankou Chicken or Golden Skewer, both in Montebello

            1. if you can get yourself to Alhambra, Wahib's is the best in the area: http://www.yelp.com/biz/wahibs-middle...

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                I was wondering if Wahib's would come up in this thread - I used to go there when I was in college, but it's been over a decade now. Is it as good as ever?

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                    USC. It's not super close, but my boyfriend worked in Alhambra.

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                  If it's distance that matters, TripleAxel is right on. Wahib's.

                2. If you're willing to drive a bit, try Skaf's in Glendale. From East LA in the evening, it'll take about 20-25 minutes to get there.

                  Skaf's Lebanese Cuisine
                  367 N Chevy Chase Dr
                  Glendale, CA 91206


                  1. Marouch is delicious & in the vicinity. Edgemont & Santa Monica Blvd. The yogurt kebabs are a favorite.

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                      Marouch is a long-standing stalwart in the neighborhood.

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                        It's in the vicinity of East Los Angeles if you're talking from Clarissa Wei's viewpoint, but if you're talking about the actual East Los Angeles, it's not in the vicinity at all.

                      2. Carousel Restaurant in either Glendale or Hollywood (the one is Glendale is much nicer; but the food at the Hollywood one is very good even though the place itself is nothing to look at).

                        Get it with the yogurt sauce...