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Oct 22, 2013 08:53 AM

Group Dinner in Penn Quarter

Hoping to find a great place to go out with 8 friends before a show at Woolly Mammoth, looking for some great food for a nice evening that is preferably not too expensive. Any help would be great :)

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  1. My first thought is Rasika, but I dunno if that's out of your price range.

    If it is you might want to consider perhaps Matchbox or District of Pi?

    1. Daikaya has a 'secret' room for 6 to11 people in their ramen parlor. They keep it closed until a group shows up. Call first to see what their policy is.

      1. If you make a reservation you might be able to get a table upstairs at Daikaya. As Steve said, apparently there is also a secret room downstairs if you just want the ramen.

        Another option would be Hill Country BBQ. Also Sei is good for sushi and Asian small plates. I would make a reservation at both these places if you can since your group is so large.