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Oct 22, 2013 08:44 AM

Walking distance from MoMa PS-1?

Sunday afternoon going to MoMa and want too walk to someplace great for supper afterward. OK within 30-45 mins. We love to walk and eat. Spicy is good. Will be in NYC for a few days beforehand and had already Italian and Georgian and maybe Korean, so those cuisines not needed. FYI, one of us doesn't eat meat or chicken. Thinking Mombar, but other suggestions much appreciated. Will be taking subway back to UWS after dinner, FYI. Thanks

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  1. Make sure you post to Manhattan. This is the outerborough section. If you were going to MOMA/PS1 in Long Island City, Queens, there are many restaurants a short walk, bus or subway ride away from Afghani to Xiang. But you might have considered M Wells Dinette right at PS1.

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    1. re: Auguste_Franc

      Thanks, I thought this was the place for Queens. I'll cross post over there. Don't want M Wells. Will have been at fancy wedding,and Al Di La in Brooklyn on other nights, and like idea of ethnic in Queens. Many thanks.

      1. re: rmbelson

        The famous "ethnic in Queens" neighborhoods usually means places along the 7 line, not the area you will be in.

        Casa Enrique and Five Star Punjabi Diner look pretty good though.

        1. re: kathryn

          Thanks for the suggestions. Maybe I'm being too optimistic, but I thought we could walk to Astoria from MoMa PS-1 in a half hour or a little more.Aren't there lots of great places in Astoria?

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            Astoria is a BIG neighborhood, so it depends where in Astoria. For example, one of my favorites is Kabab Cafe, and Google Maps estimates that it is a one hour walk from PS1.

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              kabab café is easily an hour from PS1....maybe 3.5 miles?

              casa Enrique is very good, especially for seafood, but a bit lacking in bang for your buck, since the portions are very small. I've always thought people fell into liking 5 star Punjabi for the reverse-snob factor -- it's messy, isolated and "unique," but the food isn't appreciably different than a mid-range manhattan place.

              1. re: kathryn

                Here are some of the places I found via google maps. Love board residents' thoughts on them. My wife and I are devoted walkers. If weather permits, for example, we will walk from where we are staying in UWS to MoMA PS1 over 59th bridge. So 30-50 mins to get to a restaurant is not so much.

                1. Mombar
                (2.5 miles - 50 mins walk)

                2. Casa Galicia
                2 miles - 40 mins)

                3. Pachanga Patterson
                (40 mins)

                4. Arepas Cafe
                1.3 miles 30 mins

                As I said in another post, less interested in Indian or Thai because we can get that where we live. But Arepas, not so much.

                1. re: rmbelson

                  Arepas Cafe is good. It's not what I would call a particularly pleasant or scenic walk, but it's a nice little family run place. They do shrimp arepas. Had one recently and it was pretty good.

                  1. re: rmbelson

                    I'm a big fan of Arepas Cafe. While not exactly what I'd consider destination worthy, it's reliably good. If you go, definitely try the Guyanesa Tropical arepa. Mombar is good but cash only. Pachanga Patterson is good for upscale Mexican. None of these are particularly spicy.

        2. I posted in Manhattan and no longer there, so maybe got bounced?

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            You are on the correct board for PS1.

            You should post on the Manhattan board ONLY for the main MoMA brand on 53rd between 5th and 6th Avenue.

            Your original subject line didn't specify that you were going to MoMA PS1, hence the confusion.

            1. re: Humbucker

              Well, some folks don't eat red meat but do eat poultry, so I like to be specific. My wife eats fish and seafood and vegetables.

            2. M. Wells Dinette is in PS1 and is ethnic-y I guess, it's Canadian. The food is excellent and you are there so do check out the menu and see if it appeals to you, there are always seafood options.

              Anchal is the best Indian food in LIC, the food is well seasoned with spices and the quality of the meats are better than your average greasy spoon place. You can get your heat there as well, they will make food spicy for you.There are many seafood options.

              Although Casa Enrique is well-reviewed, I personally, strongly recommend against it. The portions are small, the flavors are muddled, lacking in spice, the ingredients are a mixed bag. I've had ceviche there where the fish was not fresh. The portions are very small, and the prices high for what you get. Mostly it comes down to the flavors lacking clarity and skill. It's like LIC's version of Park Slope's Fonda, overpriced and mediocre.

              Takesushi in Sunnyside would be within 30 minutes walking, but much easier to take the 7 train. Authentic Japanese food, home style dishes and very fresh fish.

              There are some very good places to eat in Astoria but will be much farther than your 30-45 minute walk. Astoria is large and some of the better Greek places are pretty far north. MP Taverna is very good and has good seafood options.

              I think you'd be better off taking the subway and walking within the neighborhood of where you stop. Woodside has several fantastic Thai restaurants. Solid Filipino food as well.

              The subway system is very convenient and the 7 train is above ground so you get to see parts of queens as you travel.

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              1. re: Pookipichu

                I was gonna recommend M. Wells Dinette too!
                It is a classroom-like restaurant with solid food.

                And I second Takesushi for great value-for-money.
                Their set lunch offers eggplant salad, tuna & hamachi sashimi, braised fish (tuna or hamachi) head, 3 pieces of deep fried oysters, California rolls, miso soup, and salad, for $11.75 including tax & tip (cash only at lunch).

                1. re: kosmose7

                  Thanks. Looks and sounds great, but I still have a vision of small ethnic family run resto. We live in a small town north of Boston where we have access to decent Thai and Indian food, a good Portuguese-Mediterranean place and some quite good Italian places. I yearn for what is hard to find where I live. I'll post below some of my thoughts.

              2. woodside and astoria are both pretty interesting areas from a food and urban scene standpoint. If it were me I would take a bus or subway and do my walking there rather than in LIC. maybe woodside and continue on down Roosevelt into Jackson Heights until my legs and/or appetite wore out.

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                1. re: jen kalb

                  jeri kalb wrote " I would take a bus or subway and do my walking there rather than in LIC." I'd do the same.

                  Since mbelson is already familar with Indian and Thai, and desires something "ethnic," "family run," and menu items that are not meat or poultry, something not usually considered is Nepalese / Tibetan / Himalayan cusine.

                  In manageable walking distance (1.5 miles) from PS1 is Malingo Restaurant & Bar
                  Japanese and (mainly) Himalayan/Nepalese
                  43-16 Queens Blvd
                  Sunnyside, NY 11104

                  Or take the 7 train towards Flushng and get off at 74th Street / Roosevelt Ave:
                  Himalayan Yak Restaurant
                  72-20 Roosevelt Ave
                  Jackson Heights, NY 11372

                  Little Tibet
                  72-19 Roosevelt Ave
                  Jackson Heights, NY 11372

                  I'd ranked them 1. Himalayan Yak, 2. Little Tibet, 3. Malingo
                  I am partial to the momo (dumplings), the soups, and, especially, HY's platters served with Himalayan buckwheat bread.

                  BTW There are other similar restaurants in the area which is the heart of a thriving Indo-Pak commercial area.

                  Another option would be Filipino food. Unfortunately I heard that Ihawan 2 in LIC is now closed, but in Woodside, a short hop to the 69th Street Stop on the 7 train, there's, Ihawan, and Renee's to name two.

                  I've heard from a Filipino friend that in Sunnyside there's Tito Rad's Grill & Restaurant but I haven't gotten to try it yet. It's about 1.5 miles from PS 1.

                  1. re: Auguste_Franc

                    Great suggestions, thanks. Will report on what we end up doing next week. Bye for now and thanks to all -- leaving on trip today and going offline for a while.

                    1. re: rmbelson

                      Be sure to let us know whatever even if you decided to eat push cart hot dogs and go back to the UWS. LOL!

                      1. re: Auguste_Franc

                        Hi everyone. First of all, we walked to PS-1 from UWS -- pretty amazing to go over the Queensboro Bridge -- luckily on Sunday weather was fine and we felt great to be on foot -- esp, when there were lots of others besides us. After the Mike Kelley show at PS-1 (exhausting and amazing and truly upsetting) we walked about half hour to Cafe Arepas which we loved. I had the Pernil, my wife who eats no meat had the shrimp and tomato and we split side orders of plantains w/white cheese and some avocado -- thus duplicated the famed Tropical arepa w/o feeling stuffed. Drank the house Malbec -- nothing to crow over, but OK given the circumstances. We liked being there -- were well treated, food was good and the bill came to ~$30 which approaches the tip at most NYC restaurants. To quote queenseats above, not sure I'd make the trip just to go there, but if I were in Astoria or LIC, no brainer to go back. Thanks to all who helped. (BTW - our other restos for the trip were the Georgian restaurant in LES - ODA House -- which was great and we'd go back, Al di La in Park Slope which was fine but no need to return.) Thanks to all who chimed in.