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Oct 22, 2013 08:37 AM

Places near I17 between Phoenix and Flagstaff_

Any recommendations for places for late breakfast-lunch between Phoenix and Flag relatively near I17 (not as far off as Prescott or Sedona)? Mexican would be good, but also a good diner. I know the Rock Springs place in Black Canyon, but it is pretty much only for pies IMO.

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  1. Besides some of the best pie in our solar system, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Bear is the best guy to serve up pie to go!

    Not much until you get off at Sedona..there is a small town where you turn for Jerome and Prescott but that's where a lot of the cops hang out..they use radar!

    Sedona, for Mex is Oaxaca..decent
    Elote Cafe for dinner of the best restaurants in AZ
    Cowboy Club for lunch...excellent
    Wildflower Bread Company

    1. I've found the pies at Rock Springs Cafe to be unremarkable on my visits, but you know, everyone has different expectations for such things.

      Given the distance/time constraint (close to I-17) and the relatively short duration of the trip (2 hours from Central Phoenix), I'd say your best bet is to eat before you leave Phx metro or after you arrive in Flag.

      If you're willing to loosen the constraints a bit, a stop at Page Springs Cellars for a creekside snack and glass or two of wine under the trees might be worth considering. This will add around 40 minutes of driving to your trip (15-20 minutes each way between I-17 and the winery), but it doesn't usually come with the traffic hassles of a Sedona or Prescott excursion.

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        When the lines are out the door every time I'm there, I think their doing something right with the pies...I always get the blueberry crumb which is off the chain good.
        Oh well..if everyone had the same taste, it would be a boring place.

        1. re: Beach Chick

          When I think about all the things people line up for, I notice that queue length is not a reliable indicator of whether or not I will like a place or its product.

          1. re: hohokam

            And that is why you can shoot a canon in the PHX board and it wouldn't hit anyone, with responses like that.

            1. re: Beach Chick

              Maybe examples will help:

              People line up for Bianco's pizzas, which makes sense to me.

              People line up for Cheesecake Factory, which makes no sense to me.

              People do *not* line up for Crudo, which makes no sense to me.

              The point being what other people do or do not line up for does not necessarily correlate well with my preferences. Likewise, what I would queue up for probably doesn't map onto what some other people like.

              Obviously, some people like the pies at Rock Springs Cafe. And just as obviously, I am not one of those people. I'd like to be one of those people, but so far, I haven't had a piece of pie there that made me think, "Wow. I need to take time to stop here again." The fact is, I'm not crazy about pies made with canned fruit. The pies I've had there have been made with canned fruit; ergo, I haven't cared much for their pies.

              If I'm going to be giving a visitor advice about where to go or not go, I really only have my experiences and opinions and information about their tastes to go on. How long the line is at one place or another doesn't enter into the judgment for me, unless the visitor expresses concern about something like having to stand for a long time, dealing with bored fussy kids, or time constraints.