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Oct 22, 2013 08:33 AM

Hot pepper jelly suggestions

I made some homemade hot pepper jelly yesterday, and I messed something up. I have canned before with success, but I have never made hot pepper jelly before. I even went to the pectin website to see how to remake it, and it still never set. My question is, before I throw it all out and buy the stuff, does anyone have suggestions as to what I could use it in or for? It isn't really hot as my hubby and I don't like really hot things, but it has a bit of a kick. It is more sweet than hot. Thanks guys. I am really disappointed in this.

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  1. I love hot pepper jelly as a spread on crackers/bread with cheese.

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    1. re: susan1353

      Me too, but this isn't jelly. It is runny like a sauce!

      1. re: Godslamb

        I just made some rose hip jam that came out like that, and I'm planning to use it for exotic cocktails this holiday season, something along the lines of a Cosmo. With hot pepper jam, maybe something similar to a Bloody Mary?

        1. re: Godslamb

          Can you mix it with some goat cheese or cream cheese to overcome the runny factor?

          I'd also consider it as a glaze for grilled chicken.

        2. re: susan1353

          That. And runny is ok for that. Make a well in the middle of the cream cheese and pour your jelly in.

          I make hot pepper jelly all the time and even when it's jelled correctly it needs to be thinned for this.

        3. Sorry about your disappointment! Here is another discussion about uses for hot pepper jelly:

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          1. re: truman

            I know how to use hot pepper jelly, but this is a sauce. Incredibly runny. I need to know how to use it as a sauce or something.

            1. re: Godslamb

              You also might try it on roasted peaches, or as an ice cream sauce.

              1. re: Godslamb

                You could mix it with some xanthan gum which would help thicken it.

            2. I got this recipe here, from AGM, and make it all the time as an appetizer. People love it!

              AGM_Cape_Cod Apr 12, 2008 01:52 AM

              I make hot pepper jelly to use in this recipe.
              REC: Cajun Mustard Shrimp

              Serves: 3

              1 lb. raw shrimp, peeled and deveined
              1 T olive oil
              1 T butter
              1 medium clove garlic
              dash crushed red pepper
              ΒΌ c dry white wine or vermouth
              4 T jalapeno pepper jelly
              2 T whole grain mustard
              2 T Dijon mustard

              1. Heat skillet with olive oil. Saute shrimp in batches until pink but not cooked entirely. Remove from skillet and set aside.
              2. Melt butter in skillet and crush garlic into pan. Add crushed red pepper and saute until aroma of garlic is evident.
              3. Add dry white wine and scrap up any browned pieces from bottom of pan. Add jelly, and two kinds of mustard. Whisk together and let cook for 2-3 minutes.
              4. Return shrimp to skillet and finish cooking in the hot sauce.
              5. Serve over rice.

              I use 21-25 size shrimp.

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              1. re: coll

                Very nice recipe, but it doesn't help me. :) Unless a very runny sauce would substitute?

                1. re: Godslamb

                  You could use the runny stuff you have in that recipe; well set-up pepper jelly would just melt anyway in any heated application. Just think like that.

                  Meat glaze, mixed into BBQ sauce as the 'sweet' component, etc.

                  1. re: Godslamb

                    If you skip the wine, it looks like it would work fine.

                    Might try it as a grill sauce/marinade for chicken. Even runny, it might make a good dipping sauce for vegetable fritters or egg rolls.

                    Or maybe as part of the sauce for sweet and sour meatballs, the old favorite people make with chili sauce and grape jelly except my recipe is chili sauce, brown sugar and I'm not sure what else. Serve over rice.

                    1. re: Godslamb

                      Yes the mustard thickens it up.

                  2. Buy a large jar of apple jelly. Finely dice one or more Habanero peppers without seeds. Add to jelly. Wait one week.

                    I would recommend using it as a marinade, lightly brushed on fish, or as a dip for coconut shrimp.

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                    1. Add a tablespoon to salad dressing, especially something fruit based like raspberry vinaigrette.

                      Use a little in salsa

                      I had a margarita that had a little jalapeno in it

                      Add a little to a dip recipe

                      I'm not sure what kind of peppers you used butI could be interesting added to a chocolate dessert.

                      We had this great appetizer last week with shrimp, tasso, pickled okra and 5 pepper jelly that was really like a syrup. You might be able to sub your jelly in a version of this.

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                      1. re: wekick

                        Cool. Thanks. I used red peppers and jalapeno.